Fat Matts BBQ Sauce

The BBQ sauce at Fat Matts is a winner. I encountered this amazing sauce on my last visit to Atlanta and immediately asked if it was for sale. Thank goodness it was and for no more than $5, so I bought two! I’m almost done with my bottles and realized that I can order my sauce online, thank God for the internet!

Fat Matts
Photo Credit: JessicasDinnerParty.com

Fat Matts BBQ sauce is really the best bbq sauce that exist. Not only does it go well with almost everything, but it has a tangy kick to it that exploded on my flavor palette. The craziest part is that I don’t even like BBQ sauce! But this BBQ sauce almost broke some friendships because it’s too good to even share. When I do share it, it’s all about portion control! Don’t drop that alcohol bbq sauce. You should probably get some.


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