Taste of Chicago 2012

Convinced that going on exciting foodie trips is my sole purpose in life. Like it must be. Gotta be. Should be.

And so, in order to fulfill my purpose, I took a nice ‘lil trip to the City of Chicago, IL, for their Annual Taste of Chicago Food Festival. Over 50 restaurants and an abundance of treats, sweets and eats all in once space, at one time, at your service.

Taste of Chicago Tickets 2012

Food truly brings people together. It’s so amazing to me how it can happen from just one dish and I just love that. This trip is epic and I suggest every food lover out there to take it on a very, very, hungry weekend.

Taste of Chicago 2012

You have to purchase tickets for the food upon entering and then you spend them like money. I tried a Chicago style hot dog (it has a pickle on top amongst other things), the best bacon wrapped chicken in life, awesome pot stickers, hands down the best catfish with the best honey mustard ever AND the famous Harold’s chicken (with mild sauce). Seriously, this is far from half of the things I had. They had burgers, wine, ice cream, roti, deep dish pizza (so good), Thai food, you name it, and it’s there. I would definitely make this trip again. Chicago is also beautiful! I was so full the whole weekend and so delighted with everything I got to try.

Taste of Chicago Harolds 2012



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