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Casandra Rosario is a hungry socialite turned entrepreneur who intends to help everyone find love on the menu. As founder + editor in chief of Food Before Love, Casandra intends to bring every day expensive food experiences to her network at much more affordable rates and someday, will be inviting you to a restaurant of her own.

Alexia Channer, founder and blogger of Lexi’s Green Guide, has made it her passion to share her love of green living. Lexi’s Green Guide focuses on manifesting beauty from within by offering affordable, eco-friendly tips for green living. As a holistic health enthusiast, crafting bomb beauty products in her kitchen is her specialty. Alexia covers how to do food in the healthiest way possible.

Ashley D. Freeman is a vivacious young woman who has a passion for encouraging individuals to break free from whatever is holding them back from fulfilling their potential. Ashley is the creator of Don't Die Afraid, an outlet to share her interests in travel, style, entertainment, current events, public health issues and more with her fearless followers. Ashley covers restaurant reviews, food news and more.

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