Maimonide MOB Pizza

It’s rare for me to step into a restaurant quite like┬áMaimonide, affectionately known as M.O.B, but here I am telling you about it.┬áMaimonide is a vegan spot off Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn with the most laid back vibe you can encounter. The crowd there is somewhat eclectic but certainly mixed for anyone to pop in for a bite and feel comfortable. With exaggerated communal tables, they definitely leave room for strangers to leave as friends.

Maimonide MOB Lemonade

I was served a delightfully refreshing lemonade which I later learned they added a spritz to. It made all the difference and I’ll need all my lemonades like that for the remainder of the summer. My friend ordered the beet wine which we had both heard great things about and luckily, lived up to her expectations.

Maimonide Pizza MOB Iron Man MOB

Since the flatbreads are the thing to do here, we ordered the Pizza MOB and Iron Man MOB. They brought them out on their signature dish plates which I absolutely adored. It’s a great set up for eating for two and even leaves room for parties to share as much as they’d like. The Pizza MOB consisted of cashew cheese, spinach, some pesto, roasted tomatoes and parmesan made from walnuts. The pizza itself, while flavorful, tasted somewhat soggy with the amount of toppings that made it come together. I couldn’t tell much of a difference in the cheese, and even the consistency could give fresh mozzarella a run for it’s money. I also couldn’t help but feel like I was eating healthy but it’s pizza after all. I will say that having a flatbread was a better food choice based on what my stomach was really craving that day.

While I didn’t indulge in the Iron Man pizza, it looked and smelled scrumptious. Both pizza’s however, were too much for both of us to handle and we had to depart without being able to finish them in their entirety. That makes it a great place to go to with friends and just dig in to your hearts content.

Vegan Pancakes V spot

It’s unlikely for me to go to a Vegan restaurant especially for brunch, but when I heard the V spot was serving unlimited mimosas and focused on Latin cuisine, I was ready. Being that the V spot is not far from Barclay center in Brooklyn, it wasn’t a tough commute to make so I invited friends to meet me. Before I even get into the food, my waiter really made the experience what it was. He was not only attentive, but he also took the time to talk to us as he joined into our conversation about world issues (we invited him). He was so intelligent and knowledgeable so it was refreshing to meet someone so dope here, plus he filled the mimosas up right on time.

I started with the bean empanada, which I’ve never tried but was looking to eat something new. It tastes exactly how it sounds, no added wow but dipping into the sauce here really made a difference in flavors.

Bean empanadas V spot

I ordered the vegan pancakes as my friend ordered the tofu rancheros and we waited some time before it hit our table. The butter for the pancakes tasted like the butter I’m used to eating even though this didn’t have an ounce of dairy. I was really impressed at how good the butter was and lathered up my pancakes. I would have preferred more strawberries though, as they seem to be the ignored part of my dish, thrown on top of my pancakes for what seemed like no reason at all. I mean, I asked for them but they weren’t what I was expecting. Maybe I missed having whipped cream.

Vegan Pancakes V spot

I could tell something was off from the flavors that I’m used to but the pancakes were really good. The tofu rancheros however, took my soul. I reached in for a bite of my friend’s and ended up ordering my own. It really felt like they covered this in scrambled eggs and the flavors were popping out from left to right. I would order this a million times over and it really sealed the deal for me at the V spot. Go there and get this dish, you will not be disappointed.

Tofu Rancheros V spot