Cafe D'Alsce Mimosas

Wish I could tell you that I enjoyed brunch at Cafe D’Alsce but I didn’t. I live close enough to the restaurant to have taken it for granted, which I did, even though I had heard so much about it. But this day was going to be different, because I was finally going to see what the hype was about. It was already busy and the weather was great. I had made a reservation for four and I didn’t think I’d run into any issues. We looked forward to sitting outside, basking in the sun.

Cafe D'Alsce Mimosas

Per usual, they weren’t too keen on sitting the party of three without the fourth person there. Since there aren’t typically any tables for three, we would have to be seated at a four top regardless so I didn’t see the sense in waiting. This is a normal practice so I didn’t sweat it, I just really wanted a mimosa. After we were seated, we waited for someone to take our order as we over analyzed what we were in the mood for. And we waited some more, and some more. We finally were able to order a pitcher of mimosas and I went for the steak and eggs.

Cafe D'Alsce Brunch

This is when brunch went left. I ordered my steak medium, but it came well done and extremely tough. I wasn’t even able to cut through it and my waiter was no where to be found. The disappointment didn’t end there. Because we had waited so long to order, it didn’t make sense to send it back and there was already meal that had been forgotten. My friend was waiting for his meal for quite some time before the waiter realized. Unfortunately, it was now the wrong dish once it was brought back around. Again, no waiter in sight. It was truly a let down to receive such second hand service, and over cooked steak. With no one else being truly impressed, it’s safe to say we won’t be back to Cafe D’Alsce.

almond french toast sotto cinque

Back in December, my good friend over at Justice Sweets was celebrating the anniversary of the company, so we went to brunch. I’ll make this quick and painless, we BOTH enjoyed the Almond Crusted French Toast with mascarpone and maple syrup at Sotto Cinque.

almond french toast sotto cinque

Sotto Cinque is on the Upper East Side and it’s barely noticeable considering it’s so close to 1st avenue but being from around the way, I’ve been meaning to go. And for the $3 Mimosas they have, I was glad I went for this celebration! Can you tell?

I am a huge Mascarpone person, like seriously. Throw it on anything and I’m in, this stuff is better than Nutella. The almonds, in addition to this perfectly made toast, were all a girl could ask for but it just might leave you hungry. Either that, or it was just so good that we wanted more. Nonetheless, it’s the best French toast you’ll find uptown (until further notice).

Martine of justice sweets & Cass of foodbeforelove

Pancakes Bacon Goat Cheese Cascabel

Yes, I thought about Cascabel Taqueria just about everyday now solely off the strength that the fried blue crab here with corn was so ridiculously delicious that I can’t keep my mind off of it.

Cascabel Taqueria on the Upper East Side is LOVELY. The place was packed inside and out when we arrived, so I recommend making a reservation if you can. Then, as soon as you sit down, order a drink! They have about 5 different ones here for brunch and you can switch them out as you wish!

sangria cascabel taqueria

Back to this party in my mouth though hosted by this blue crab, corn, fresh salsa and pepper aioli! If you love crab, come try this decadence! It was so well fried but happened to be so soft in the middle, almost too good to be true! Then the aioli was drop dead amazing; I couldn’t help but dip the crab back in it every time. Heavenly!

Blue Crab Pepper Aoli Cascabel Taqueria











Seriously, how do you follow that up?

My solution was to keep drinking!

This is a place for a Lush like myself. And I got to try all my drinks with these amazing pancakes. I love goat cheese, strangely so. For some reason this went perfectly with the pancakes and the crispy bacon that was provided had me leaving a happy camper.

Pancakes Cascabel Taqueria











Even though it felt like I ordered a lot, the portions here were super decent and it allows you to eat more than you normally would. It’s a cute two-person spot or small group of friends looking to enjoy Sunday fun day.


Anthony Bourdain Approved. Need I say more? They better MILK that stamp they got from him. pun intended. Convenience will make you comfortable as times, which is probably why MILK Burger exist in my neighborhood and I ignore it. Well…. I don’t really ignore it. I always walk by and say “I need MILK burger” or you can find me tweeting about going and then…I never do.

Milk Burger table

It’s a new day though and I finally got around to ordering cheese fries and a milk burger topped with pickles, cheese, onions, milk sauce and tomatoes served on an egg bun.The menu is nothing less but interesting, I probably got the most ordinary thing on it actually. But again, I was listening to Bourdain. And although the service wasn’t favorable considering the time I awaited for my meal, it was worth it. The cheese fries were to die for.

Milk Burger Fries

I use to be a french fry fiend and the cheese was perfect. I hate when places want to melt cheese slices and stuff on fries and try to pass that off. Nacho cheese please! No complaints there. The Milk burger was pretty good too. I kept trying to figure out what the sauce was. I’m really into this whole thin burger thing, super flavorful so I enjoyed that they have that here too. There’s only one of these spots and it’s in Spanish Harlem so ven para aca papa!

Milk Burger