Peach Sake Sangria Mirai Sushi Chicago

Casandra Rosario

Many of our readers know about my long standing infatuation with the city of Chicago. So finding some of the best sushi in Chicago could help reinforce it. Brunch, however, has sustained that love for the past few years with visits like Yolk, and Batters & Berries. When I was last in town for the Natural Hair Brunch Affair, I had some time where I was working the event and needed a good bite to eat. Having never eaten sushi in Chicago, I was determined to find the very best! Although, that quest was no easy feat.

Mirai Sushi Chicago

I decided on the Wicker Park location and stumbled into a relatively empty restaurant. It was still pretty early in the day, so I wasn’t too worried about the emptiness of the place. To help keep that worry to a minimum, I ordered a glass of their Peach Sake Sangria. While on the hunt for the best sushi in Chicago, I stumbled upon the best sangria in Chicago.  It was absolutely delicious. Every flavor in that sangria was right on the money and I was in need of another round.

Mirai Sushi Chicago

With hunger pains going to work on my insides, I ended up over ordering. I started with the Honey Glazed Shrimp and the Tempura Soft Shell Crab. The shrimp was lathered in the rich glaze but still somewhat crispy which made the textures fun. The soft shell crab was tender as expected  with the right crunch in the right places. Surprisingly, I was ready for more.

best sushi in chicago

For the first time, and maybe the last, I tried the Spicy Mono which is a octopus roll topped with spicy tuna. It wasn’t my preference of the afternoon so I found myself digging into the shrimp tempura roll, however, it was certainly interesting. The roll was very flavorful but the flavors just weren’t for me, someone else however, might think it’s the best sushi in Chicago. They certainly come close and have plenty of other options on their menu that can make that come true. Personally, I would love to go back for another Peach Sake Sangria.

best sushi in chicagobest sushi in chicago