Plonk Wine Club

With my recent intrigue of wines, I eagerly anticipated my first shipment of organic wines from Plonk Wine Club. Offering a wide range of wines from different regions, Plonk Wine Club curates, on a monthly basis, a small batch of boutique wines. My first order was a mixed box, which consisted of a red and white wine were delivered directly to my home. I found this to be a great way to learn more about wines, be exposed to new wines, and I was very interested in the other bonuses Plonk offers in their wine subscriptions.

Plonk Wine Club Overhead

You can also choose to gift a subscription to the friend, family member, or coworker. Yes, they deliver to the office too! When first opening the package, I found that my wine tasting notes were waiting for me. This informed me on the wines I was receiving, as well as, where they are from. To my delight it also mentioned what foods they are best paired with.

When ordering a subscription, you can indulge in a box full of red wine, full of white wine or a mixed case. You can order 2,4 or even up to 12 bottles, starting at $54.99 a month. It’s less when you order for longer periods of time. The red wine in my order was Ouled Thaleb Signature from Zenate, Morocco. It was a 2013 wine. My tasting notes said it was best paired with eggplant, shredded beef and even lamb merguez sausages. I ended up enjoying it with brie cheese at a gathering and it was fascinating. The wine was earthy, fresh and had an herbal like finish.

Plonk Wine Club

The second bottle, was Madeleine ‘ Arsouille Chenin Blanc, a 2015 wine. It was from Monterey, Central Coat, California. I wasn’t able to pair this wine during the tasting I hosted with. However,  it made my eyes widen to find that it was best paired with creamy chicken curry. Plonk also offers the full recipes to their pairings on their website.

Madeleine Wine Plonk Club

Plonk Wine Club also gifted me with a custom wine opener. It was easy to host with new wines and have an opener handy. I think this is a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day and now you can get $10 off all orders when you use VDAY2017 on Plonk’s website.

If a friend has a birthday coming up or if you to want to learn more about wines, consider starting a wine subscription with Plonk Wine Club.

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