STATS Dirty bird Atlanta

When I’m off the eaten path, I try to go to as many places as possible since I don’t know when I may be in that city again. On my last visit to Atlanta, I was staying near a sports bar named STATS and I was very reluctant to check it out despite the length of my stay and proximity to the location. Right before my flight, I finally gave in.

STATS is such a sports bar to its core but the menu is right out of a show on food network. It was still early so the place was close to empty but I snuggled into a booth to see what they could possibly be working with. I ordered a drink recommended by the down to earth waitress attending me, and the drink was everything I imagined it to be. There’s nothing worse than ordering a drink and it tastes off from what you expected.

STATS Dirty bird Atlanta

The menu was the kind that will leave you ordering 4 items because it all sounds good. My waitress didn’t steer me wrong on my drink, so I went with her judgment on the Dirty Bird despite my dislike for coleslaw. She mentioned what a good pairing it was with the crispy chicken and she was spot on. The sandwich was a little bigger than I was hungry for but every bite was perfection. It was perfectly crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside and came with the right size french fries needed. I tip my hat off to the chefs at STATS for making my food experience memorable and being more than just your average sports bar.