Tai Pei Shrimp Fried Rice

This post was sponsored Tai Pei, all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

The past few days have been completely about traveling and events and not enough eating. It’s as if I wasn’t myself. So, I was looking for great taste in a quick package that could solve all my problems. It’s important for me be able to heat something up quickly as the days fly by, that still has quality ingredients. As I settle back into my schedule, Tai Pei is making it convenient to not miss any meals or time. Not only was it easy to find, but I can keep it in the fridge or freezer, ready to consume in minutes and at my leisure.

I purchased Tai Pei at at my local supermarket. I found a wide range of options in the frozen food aisle, I chose the Tai Pei Shrimp Fried Rice. This coupon gives you $1 off any Tai Pei single serving bowl so if you’re a big fan of Asian Food, I recommend it. In fact, my plan is to try out the other frozen entree’s soon, especially since it was so easy to make and I consumed it even faster. You can find where to purchase Tai Pei near you by using the store locator.

Tai Pei Shrimp Fried Rice

At first, I was concerned as to how this would heat up and if it would be a sufficient serving size for me. The packaging is very eye catching and I was looking forward to it being just as colorful on the inside. I was happy to find that the food was exactly as pictured, once I removed the lid. The shrimp was surrounded by baby corn, peas, carrots and rice. I heated up the dish for 2-3 minutes with the lid on, which is what the instructions suggested. It even showed me exactly how the food should look once ready.

I decided to add my own duck sauce to the mix but tried the shrimp fried rice without it first. I appreciated the serving bowl the food came in, it was the perfect amount for one. Next time I’m on the go, I plan to bring one of these with me and don’t plan on sharing. I loved that the ingredients were fresh; I didn’t expect that from something in the frozen food aisle. Pairing it with my own duck sauce was a great idea too. This provided the quick and easy lunch I was looking for. My day was made, just like that.

Shrimp Fried Rice

7up Ingredients

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of 7UP®. The opinions and text are all mine.  

*Must be 21 years of age or older to drink alcohol. Please drink responsibly.

The great thing about food and drinks, is that they can always bring you back to a time you want to remember. In particular, I wanted to be brought back to a summer luau. I knew partnering with 7UP would bring me only one sip away from the summer vibes I wanted to channel in my glass. I was also determined to create a cocktail that would be amazing all year round. Given its versatility, 7UP was what I needed to spruce up the drink I was getting ready to create.

It was a great opportunity to test out my idea before I hosted a few friends over the weekend. Lucky for me, I thought up something that can be served with or without the liqueur of your choice. It could also be created for parties of any size. Something that was for everyone, a Blueberry Smash. First order of business was to visit my local Stop & Shop for a 2 Liter of 7UP. You can, however, purchase it at Giant Landover and Giant Carlisle as well. In fact, there’s even a coupon in Savory Magazine. So make sure to check out Savory Magazine in the “New Flavors” edition until 3/30 to save $1.00 when you buy two 7UP 2-Liter bottles.

Brown Sugar

If the recipe is as perfect as I hoped it would be, I planned to make a punch for the group. So a 2 liter of 7UP was exactly what I needed, along with fresh blueberries, a lemon, and some dark brown sugar. The great thing about a Blueberry Smash is that you probably have most of the ingredients in your home already. It’s simple to make and even better to enjoy. There are no pre-made ingredients and it will easily wow your guest and their taste buds. I’m in the business of impressing guests.


The first thing you want to do is cover the bottom of your container with blueberries. The blueberries can be either frozen or fresh. I tried not to eat too many after washing them but it was hard not to, so don’t make the same mistake. You can decide to put one layer or two and you can base this on how much you want the flavors to come through.

Lemon 7up IngredientsNext, you’ll want to toss your brown sugar in and squeeze the juice of half a lemon in. It’s time to muddle the mixture. You can always use the back of a spoon if you don’t seem to have the right tools. You really just want to get the skins broken off the blueberries so don’t smash them up too much. You can muddle until the sugar melts, which won’t take too long.

Crushed Ice

Crush some ice and dump it into your container and then add the liqueur of your choice. I went with rum to pair my sweet with some smoke.

7up Ingredients

Lastly, pour the 7UP in and stir. The crisp 7UP flavors will bring the ingredients to life and make the drink something fun, and refreshing to taste.

Blueberry Smash

After all, there’s always #7Waysto7UP