Solomon and Kuff Soup

If you live in Harlem and under a rock, then you haven’t heard that Solomon and Kuff is now open in West Harlem! Solomon and Kuff serves as a rum hall in West Harlem, serving up Caribbean flavors and favorites.

Everyone can’t stop talking about Karl Franz Williams from 67 Orange being apart of this venture, and how could you? 67 orange has been a Harlem staple years. I personally could not wait for some sort of extension of their current menu.

Solomon and Kuff Soup

The menu is easy to choose from and literally has something for everybody. The Shrimp and Yam Sauce and Yucca Chips were a table favorite and certainly a reason to make a reservation tonight. The combination of crispy chips and the bursting flavors of the accompanying sauce will make you become a regular.

Solomon and Kuff not only know what they are doing in the kitchen, but they aren’t too bad at the bar. Enjoy a Telenovela, a perfectly blended cocktail, or try your luck with the S&K Dark and Stormy.

Solomon And Kuff Cocktail

The layout at Solomon and Kuff is made to fit any mood. You can have a private dinner with friends, a romantic date towards the front of this caribbean-gastro pub,  or have a more casual time in the lounge area in the back.

Solomon and Kuff Fish

Solomon and Kuff Cocktails

So get from under your rock and stop visiting the same restaurants when you can experience a new one in West Harlem worth trying. Solomon and Kuff will satisfy all of your cocktail needs and culinary experiences alike.


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