The day is in your forever in your favor when you walk into Blend and you see they are having $5 Mojito’s all day!

Though I don’t normally find myself having lunch in Queens, I’m glad I didn’t pass up an invite to Blend. When in Rome, you order Mojito’s like the special calls for and you start your day on the right foot even though you didn’t have breakfast that morning. Enjoy yourself! Dine out with people who won’t judge you for drinking during lunch.


Mojito Blend

As usual, I couldn’t resist getting the Ropa Vieja off the menu. Considering Blend had a Latin flair to it, I knew i couldn’t go wrong with this option  With braised beef accompanied by rice and sweet plantains. It didn’t fail me. The combo itself, which I’m very familiar with, is one of the best combos put on a plate and served. A little bit of the pork, that has a great chew and sauce to it, with the perfectly cooked rice, and sweetness of the plantain will have you swooning. I’m sure it helped that the Mojito’s just kept coming.

Ropa Vieja Blend

The vibe at Blend is pretty laid back. The environment is full of relatively simple aesthetics that made it perfect for a quick lunch or a really casual date. However, if you would like to step it up a notch and looking for something different and a little more upscale, they also have another location called , Blend on the Water.  Just remember, the environment you choose while dining out can make or break your experience.

I ended my lunch at Blend with the Bread Pudding for dessert but wasn’t a huge fan. The ice cream was good but the pudding needed an upgrade, So you may want to opt for something else on the menu when you’re ending your time there.

Dessert Blend