nyc dinner meetup

We have every reason to start a monthly dinner meet up like Bite at Nite.

There are so many NYC restaurants to choose from, that even if you went to a new one every single day for a year, it would barely make a dent. So you wonder, where do I even start? That’s the foundation for Bite at Nite, a monthly dinner meet up for NYC food lovers.

This intimate dinner experience, kicks off with a oppurtunity to discover a restaurant with strangers who will become friends by the time the check swings around. Bite at Nite is the perfect club for the everyday foodie who’s interested in having bomb conversations and a delicious dining experience. Each month, 6 new diners will have access to the club and together, we’ll try a new restaurant, rant or rave about it, and share our very own favorite dining experiences. After all, you’ve always wanted to be apart of a monthly dinner meet up where the conversation is yummy.

nyc dinner meetup

Get on our list to find out when the next Bite at Nite will happen and secure your spot at the table.