Fresh& Co Adobo Chicken

As a busy entrepreneur, I’m always looking for on the go eats like Fresh & Co. One of the things I love most about this brand, is that they’re all over New York City so I’m never too far away. I recently discovered that they have their own app. Lucky for me, they sent me $10 for my birthday and I couldn’t wait to redeem it. I’m somewhat of a regular at Fresh & Co. so I’m here for all the perks they offer.

Fresh & Co Ingredients
My usual order is the Tex Mex bowl. It comes with a spicy tex mex sauce, fresh avocado, melted cheese, beans, pico de gallo and fresh kale. You also have the choice of quinoa or rice and I almost always choose quinoa. Not sure how to properly say Quinoa? Watch my video here. I love how good I feel after I have this dish, and love how filling it is as well.

Fresh& Co Adobo Chicken

The Fresh & Co staff are extremely sweet and work efficiently. You can always count on them to adjust the heat in your dish and make great recommendations for proteins. The adobo chicken is my go to which they layer over the bowl. There are other options but I was told tthe adobo chicken is the best, and it’s the most affordable.

Fresh & Co Tea
You can grab iced teas at Fresh & Co. too. But I try to grab a red jacket with my meal if the location is offering it. Every location can be a little different but the food is always great. I never run into too long of a line and there’s always plenty of seating. The packaging is perfect for taking your order with you. It keeps the food warm and maintains the taste. Next time you’re feeling healthy and don’t want to compromise on flavor, choose Fresh & Co.

Fresh & Co Tex Mex Bowl


The day is in your forever in your favor when you walk into Blend and you see they are having $5 Mojito’s all day!

Though I don’t normally find myself having lunch in Queens, I’m glad I didn’t pass up an invite to Blend. When in Rome, you order Mojito’s like the special calls for and you start your day on the right foot even though you didn’t have breakfast that morning. Enjoy yourself! Dine out with people who won’t judge you for drinking during lunch.


Mojito Blend

As usual, I couldn’t resist getting the Ropa Vieja off the menu. Considering Blend had a Latin flair to it, I knew i couldn’t go wrong with this option  With braised beef accompanied by rice and sweet plantains. It didn’t fail me. The combo itself, which I’m very familiar with, is one of the best combos put on a plate and served. A little bit of the pork, that has a great chew and sauce to it, with the perfectly cooked rice, and sweetness of the plantain will have you swooning. I’m sure it helped that the Mojito’s just kept coming.

Ropa Vieja Blend

The vibe at Blend is pretty laid back. The environment is full of relatively simple aesthetics that made it perfect for a quick lunch or a really casual date. However, if you would like to step it up a notch and looking for something different and a little more upscale, they also have another location called , Blend on the Water.  Just remember, the environment you choose while dining out can make or break your experience.

I ended my lunch at Blend with the Bread Pudding for dessert but wasn’t a huge fan. The ice cream was good but the pudding needed an upgrade, So you may want to opt for something else on the menu when you’re ending your time there.

Dessert Blend

STATS Dirty bird Atlanta

When I’m off the eaten path, I try to go to as many places as possible since I don’t know when I may be in that city again. On my last visit to Atlanta, I was staying near a sports bar named STATS and I was very reluctant to check it out despite the length of my stay and proximity to the location. Right before my flight, I finally gave in.

STATS is such a sports bar to its core but the menu is right out of a show on food network. It was still early so the place was close to empty but I snuggled into a booth to see what they could possibly be working with. I ordered a drink recommended by the down to earth waitress attending me, and the drink was everything I imagined it to be. There’s nothing worse than ordering a drink and it tastes off from what you expected.

STATS Dirty bird Atlanta

The menu was the kind that will leave you ordering 4 items because it all sounds good. My waitress didn’t steer me wrong on my drink, so I went with her judgment on the Dirty Bird despite my dislike for coleslaw. She mentioned what a good pairing it was with the crispy chicken and she was spot on. The sandwich was a little bigger than I was hungry for but every bite was perfection. It was perfectly crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside and came with the right size french fries needed. I tip my hat off to the chefs at STATS for making my food experience memorable and being more than just your average sports bar.


The last thing I thought during my trip to Connecticut, was that I would find some finger licking BBQ for lunch. I had just wrapped up my interview at Access Tv and Brandon Frame said he knew a great spot. We walked through the rain, passed a few restaurants, and entered Bears. I immediately noticed that the place had plenty of seating and learned that they’re normally packed at all hours. It was still somewhat early but I could sense the real lunch rush was coming and I should make some decisions.


The menu at Bears is on the wall but the food is also right in front of you to pick out and eat with your eyes. I opted for a combo which consisted of two meats and two sides. I couldn’t resist the burnt ends which are said to be a delicacy in the bbq world. They looked too amazing to say no to and were worth every bite. Bears also provides four kinds of BBQ sauces that you can grab at your table, have it served on the side or all over your meats. The fountain drinks are also self serve here but they aren”t your standard fountain drinks; let’s just say they like to stay within the theme.

Burnt Ends

Turkey upclose

I also tried the turkey breast which was so beautifully cut. Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t find the turkey to be boring. The sauces at Bears are all over the place, from the sriracha to their grizzly sauce, so there were plenty of ways to spice things up if needed. The best part of this meal was that I was able to take some home to snack on later. Though I couldn’t save my fries, I was able to save plenty of the macaroni and cheese, which I couldn’t wait to sit with at home.

Mac and cheese

Bears really seemed to be the local favorite BBQ spot and when I’m back in the area, it just might be mine.


I’m extremely confused as to how I’ve missed the amazingness that is Luke’s Lobster but extremely pleased that it is finally in my life. I swung by the upper east side location in NYC and grabbed the combo which included a pickle, lobster roll and chips. I decided to add a Mexican cola to my meal which was super sweet but tasty.

I wasn’t sure what to expect because I then realized that I never had a lobster roll before. Seriously, where have I been? My first thought when the roll reached was, this is small, accompanied by a serious side eye. I was fooled because it was jam packed with fresh, vibrant lobster and I found that out soon enough. The most amazing thing about this lobster roll which also intrigued me the most, was the bread. Not only was it oddly shaped, unlike a hero but more like a man made lobster holder – for real, they made the perfect lobster holder bread. Where do you guys find this stuff? But the bread was for sure toasted and lathered with butter that made it’s presence known with each bite. Even through the hearty lobster, which was very cold compared to the bread, the butter just popped out like it was the perfect amount of love. This is what I mean when I say this is where you can find love on the menu, because Luke’s Lobster – that’s love.


Lukes Lobster

Served by Stadium donut

Last week I had the pleasure of being Served by Stadium. They’re a new take out service that allows you to select menu items from multiple locations. So yes, you can have sushi and chicken wings for lunch now.  The kicker though, is that they only have a limited menu but as the company expands, I suspect that their menu will expand as well. The great part is that they have a pretty good variety of items already that will keep you full and intrigued. There’s nothing like a Mix and Match menu for an eater like me who just can’t decide and wants it all; Served by Stadium makes that possible


The runners that greeted me were so kind and warm. They made me extremely anxious to peek into my tightly sealed served by stadium bag. I started with the Fig toast, topped with arm goat cheese, figs, and rosemary honey. To my surprise, the toast was really still warm and the cheese didn’t overpower the fresh bread it was served on. Harding’s did a great job of adding figs to balance the flavors and leave the honey, literally as a sweet finish.Toast

I planned to save some of my toast for later as I dug into the summer roll from Rhong Tiams. The crunchy veggies in the delicate rice paper were very light in flavor but heightened with the hoisin peanut sauce that it came with. It was comforting to have as the sauce reminded me of Massaman curry.Summer roll

My entree, was a dry pepper style chicken by Han Dynasty that came with white rice. The rice was necessary as this dish is spicy! The nuggets were nice and crisp and hot. I really enjoyed how juicy they were on the inside despite the dryness on the outer layer.Dry Pepper Chicken

Still in disbelief that someone went to all these places to make my lunch amazing, I had to get onto the dessert. Bosie Tea Parlor makes this Paris-Brest, which is like puff pastry filled with praline creme that is truly delightful. The pastry itself had caramelized hazelnuts engulfed within that makes you close your eyes once you bite into it. That’s the kind of dessert I always want to enjoy.


So how about you? Do you plan to get Served by Stadium?Utensils