Jenny Craig Apron

This post was sponsored by Jenny Craig as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central, and all opinions expressed are my own.

jenny craig institute of culinaryeducation

Turns out, I won’t have to because Jenny Craig is including Chicken Street Tacos to their menu this fall, along with Butternut Squash Ravioli, a Garden Vegetable Frittata, Fiesta Chicken & Rice, and Szechuan Shrimp. If you’ve been keeping up with my instastories, then you know I’ve been trying to keep the burgers off lately and make healthier choices. So it really was a sign when I was invited to the Jenny Craig event at the Institute for Culinary Education because I love to eat with my eyes, which means I’m always eating more than I should and sometimes, more than I even want.

Jenny Craig Apron

I was delighted to be greeted at the event with my very own Jenny Craig apron which I used this week to make my Fresh and Free Additions . I love interactive experiences and it seemed like great oppurtunity to meet a few other fellow bloggers. I’ve always heard of Jenny Craig but never really got into it so when I learned their system to keep off weight was to eat 6 times a day (3 entrees & 3 snacks), my eye brows went up. I’m doing that now and not keeping any weight off so Jenny Craig, tell me your secrets!

jenny craig cooking

The secret is portion control. But even more importantly, was to make food fun. At my station, we put together a tri-color cole slaw with Jenny Craig’s salsa ranch dressing. The best part was the spiraling techniques I learned from the ICE chef. Too excited to bring one of these home, I thought to myself, How else could I make this fun? Then I learned that when you’re in the Jenny Craig program, you get assigned your very own consultant who guides you through you weight loss journey. Hello cooking tips!

jenny craig tri-color coleslaw

The best part of it all was that you don’t have to eliminate any food groups to participate. Jenny Craig’s foods actually make you feel fuller for longer with less calories that you’re probably taking in now. I know I’m guilty. Especially when I’m running around being a boss babe, there’s so little time to eat healthy but Jenny Craig’s Fresh and Free additions make it EASY to create delicious, low calorie meals that are quick. Shoot, if you want some quick inspiration, just see what Jenny Craig is cooking.

jenny craig stuffed peppers

jenny craig dessert

After the event, I was able to try some of the fall menu in my own kitchen. Yes, I made those tacos I was talking about but my favorite item is the Fiesta Chicken and Rice. Did someone say stuffed peppers? What I loved most about this dish, was that it was still very flavorful and didn’t leave me hungry. There are so many small additions in your very own kitchen that can be added to it so that it suits your liking and took so little time to make. Jenny Craig has more items on their fall menu and are even doing dessert. That’s right people, you can still indulge in cheesecake.

jenny craig chocolate cheesecake

So tell me, What eating habits are you changing this fall? Would you consider starting your journey with Jenny Craig? Let me know in the comments below.