On February 5, Royal Wine hosted its Annual Kosher Wine and Food Experience. In its twelfth year, this event is in response to the demand of the kosher food and beverage world. It’s also proof that demand for kosher food is growing. The word “kosher” refers to preparation that satisfies the requirements of Jewish law. This event was perfectly timed for preparation for Passover, which will be March 30th – April 7th this year.

Hundreds of food and wine vendors gathered ready to show off their finest fare. This experience showcased a vast variety of options from sushi and Asian cuisine to sandwiches, jerky and barbecue.Over 2,500 hungry guests attended this highly anticipated event.

The Food

Image courtesy of the Kosher Food and Wine Experience.


Guests gawked and gathered at tables and raved about all of the delicious options. Among the favorites were the lamb belly and orange ginger sauce from T Fusion Steakhouse and the meatballs from Judd’s Memphis Kitchen. Abigael’s also proved to be among the most well-known in the room. These vendors showcased the finest cuts of meats, including bison, lamb and duck, just to name a few.

The experience had an entire area dedicated to desserts. I enjoyed The Nuttery nut bar and Sesame donuts. Urban Pops NY was a crowd favorite. Urban Pops had a variety of flavors. Their table also had several dips and toppings. 

Urban Pops NYC
Photo by Urban Pops NYC.

The Drinks

Image courtesy of the Kosher Food and Wine Experience

Guests were also invited to indulge in over 700 wines and spirits, ranging from $6 to $500. LVOV Vodka was an exciting feature at this year’s event as well. Distilled from beets, the vodka was presented in a refreshing cocktail. Other noteworthy beverage appearances included a tequila made from wild agave and wines from Chateau Remo, a new boutique winery from Israel’s Galilee.

Whether you were in search of a caterer for your next event, dining and takeout options or even to do it yourself at home, this experience offered something for everyone. They even did demonstrations and passed out Passover cookbooks as takeaways. This experience, from the vendors showcased and the variety of options offered to the number of guests in attendance is likely to continue to expand in years to come.

Founder Food Before Love

Still here, but it’s not so bad.

It’s funny how yesterday a good friend of mine was joking about how I used to cry for McDonalds. I certainly didn’t think I’d still be here writing a year later so it’s overwhelming to see the progress.

This is just the beginning…

A year ago today, I wrote my first post on this site and I just wanted to say how humbled I am that you continue to read and support Food Before Love. I appreciate you if you come on here daily or monthly. It takes a lot to just leave my words on the internet, and my opinions for you to share, accept or disagree with. So if you’ve ever given me feedback, good or bad, thank you. i hope you’re running around the world enjoying all the good food the world has to offer.

Founder Food Before Love

I absolutely LOVE FOOD. I could talk about it all day if you let me, and you do. Some of you even laugh at my corny jokes while you read, go to restaurants I’ve been to, and try “what Cass said I have to have here” so Thank you!

Slowly but surely, the blog is growing. We do Restaurant Reviews, have done Sweet Tours, Brunch Parties, Dinner events, Food and Wine pairings, and more to come. I can’t even believe it’s all that it is but there is so much more to do. Please continue stick along for the ride because we have so much more planned for the site, and after all I do this for you. Yes, YOU.

I’m going to cut this short but I hope you understand my gratitude. To everyone who said they were proud, who pushed me, who encouraged me to do it myself, who said they loved the blog, my readers, if you’ve been to an event we hosted, if you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram , THANK YOU.

Remember to never leave love out of the equation.