Cocktails at Dream Hotel

A few weeks before I was able to dine at Cherry, I had the opportunity to visit their sister location, Cherry Izakaya .  Being in the up and coming area of Williamsburg, I was surprised to find Cherry at Dream Hotel. Although, both locations give off different vibes and this one was just plain sexy. I was lucky enough to bring a date because this is exactly the kind of place you should bring one, too. It’s also perfect for a very important business meeting as Cherry is intimate and upscale.

Tuna Tart at Dream Hotel

Though I wasn’t too crazy about the Tuna Tart, the almond shrimp and sushi were delicious.

Almond Shrimp at Dream Hotel

I could order the almond shrimp for days and there was plenty of sushi to go around.

Sushi at Cherry in Dream Hotel

The Cherry Bomb Cocktail also peeked my interest and complimented most of the meal. You will feel relaxed during your entire experience here as the staff is equally accommodating as the menu is satisfying.

Cocktails at Dream Hotel

The real pleasure here was the Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake, which was plain decadence. I live for desserts and they sure know how do chocolate cakes the right way. So if you’re staying at the Dream Hotel, or just in the area, check out Cherry for dinner. You won’t be disappointed.

Dessert at Dream Hotel