Scion Mimosas

You have to make it your business to visit Scion in DC just for the loaded potatoes because that’s an experience worth bragging about. Scion is a bottomless brunch spot that I’ve seen people host their wedding after parties at, during regular service! Sometimes, the brunch is just too real and you have to feed those cravings. Which is exactly what I planned to do when I found myself here again.

Scion Mimosas

Fried pickles were on the menu and I’m not one to resist. If you have yet to experience fried pickles, you should make plans to visit Scion for them because they’re doing it the right way. Pickles already have a great crunch, but having them fried just adds an additional layer to the experience. The acidity of the pickle is toned down with by the fried coating but still waiting to dance across your tastebuds. At Scion, they pair it with ranch dressing but they’re good enough to eat on their own.

Scion Lobster Hash

Unable to resist the lobster hash, my boyfriend was served the loveliest looking plate. The eggs along with the all the starch from the potatoes made it for a heavy meal, not to mention, the chunks of lobster that were in between. He felt it looked better than it actually was but he did end up cleaning the plate. Must have been a little better than he leads on no?

Scion Crab Cake Benedict

In an effort to avoid getting the same dish, I went with the crab cake benedict that came with a side of potato chips. I could have went without the chips as they were over fried for me and didn’t really fit with the dish. The crab cakes however, were soft but kept up in shape on their own. I wish the dish was more filling, I found myself still wanting more food but was able to fill up on the mimosas. When all else fails I know who I can count on but maybe you’ll decide to get a dish with some more depth.

bus boys and poets

After hearing so much about Bus Boys and Poets over the years, it just didn’t feel right to visit DC and not take the time out to dine here. I was in for the earlier half of dinner over at the K street location. I’ve been told to prepare for a different experience depending on the location you visit but I’m sure the core values are the same across the board, so I had no concerns regarding what the people’s favorite might be.

dc tap water

The staff at Bus Boy’s in Poets were all so pleasant, accommodating and honest. The restaurant is full of artwork and of course, a small book store/library when you first walk in that catches your eye. I was at a rather large location, so there was much to see and plenty of customers that had the place buzzing. It was happy hour and I was excited so I tried DC Tap Water for the first time. I am referring to a cocktail by the way for anyone who thought I was excited to try actual DC Tap Water.  I’ll take a cocktail over water on any day; that’s how I roll.

bus boys and poets

The hummus on the menus interest me since I wanted to start light but the waitress insisted on the foole dip, which she claimed was the upgraded version of hummus that included jalapeños, tomatoes, and a fava bean dip. It wasn’t spicy and I wasn’t too impressed but everything deserves a try. Besides, it was still happy hour and sangria was on the menu.

bus boys and poets

I wasn’t taking any suggestions as my heart was set on the shrimp, chicken and chorizo pasta smothered in a cajun cream sauce.  This was a spicier dish but it wasn’t overwhelmingly hot and there was plenty of shrimp and chicken to keep a girl happy. I would only go back here for a quick bite with friends or maybe for drinks if I had time to kill. Dessert was pretty good to say the least but I’m not sure if the place has won me over just yet.

bus boys and poets bus boys and poets

Soulo Culinary Ambition

Considering I’ve been buried in my work that doesn’t involve blogging, I’ve been having a hard time getting these posts to you guys. Yikes. Though nobody said it would ever be easy, I would like to apologize for that, especially to my faithful readers. Thank you all for being so patient.

Now can we get onto the food? Because last month, I was invited to the Soulo Culinary Ambition Dinner in Washington D.C and can’t even begin to explain what a delight it was to meet Chef Soulo in person and enjoy his food. I went down there with 5 courses in mind, only to receive 8 and a food induced coma. They sure knew how to show my hungry self a good time. I was in love with these cards by the way marking everyone’s seat.


The event was BYOB so I brought down some sangria I made at home but the Chef’s right hand, V, was also offering a spiked strawberry basil lemonade and a lavender iced tea. It was definitely the time to start double fisting.  The Soulo Culinary Ambition team was relatively attentive to our table which was full of interesting foodies that I had no idea I was about to fight over biscuits with. I say that in jest but Chef Soulo started us off with a batch of sour cream and onions biscuits that we couldn’t keep our hands off of. They were fresh out of the oven so the biscuits were warm and buttery with a thick consistency but still light and fluffy; to die for! Someone at my table even took some home.

Soulo Culinary Ambition

Soulo Culinary Ambition

Before we had a chance to finish, the chef surprised us with black-eyed pea fritters with a jalapeño aioli. While I didn’t enjoy the fritter as much on it’s own, the aioli carried it to the next level. However, I was interested in the Parmesan flan the chef prepared as a starter because I am accustomed to flan as a final course so this was a first; no pun intended. I will say that Chef Soulo, if full of creativity because each of his dishes intrigued me from reading the menu alone and boy do I love an interesting menu. While it was likely to be the most interesting of the evening, the flan was far too cheesy for my liking but I was able to enjoy the pickled grapes that accompanied it. Seriously though, it was Parmesan flan so you had to be a cheese head for this one.

Soulo Culinary Ambition

Considering everyone’s tastebuds were having a party, the Soulo Culinary Ambition team shocked us with a pineapple mimosa granada to cleanse our palettes. It was absolutely refreshing and I felt prepared for the frog legs that were to come. It was my first time trying frog legs and I found them rather salty but they were over a bed of grits, which I have a newfound love for.

Soulo Culinary Ambition

I also learned something new when it was brought to my attention that trout is basically cousins with salmon because the two look like twins! Chef Soul made the trout with a pretzel crust over the top and I started to reconsider how many more plates I could handle. There were still two courses left and the trout was gone before I could blink or breathe again.

Soulo Culinary Ambition

Well into my fourth drink, the most beautiful piece of lamb was brought out. The Lamb had been seared so it was extremely juicy and meaty which everyone seemed to be appreciating. If dessert was going to be anything like this, Chef Soulo just might have to come up to NYC to cook here! He surely didn’t disappoint with the layered carrot cake  that was served with some of the best ice cream I’ve had in a while. It was a buttermilk ice cream and I don’t think buttermilk can ever go wrong. I really appreciate Chef Soulo’s invitation to the Soulo Culinary Ambition dinner and would love if my DC peeps checked him out for any events you may be having or if Chef decides to make this a regular event, you should check it out.

Soulo Culinary Ambition

Soulo Culinary Ambition

You can find him on instagram @chefsoulo or on their Website so get #souloreloaded

Soulo Culinary Ambition


negro modelo

Aside from Chicago, DC is probably next up on one of my favorite places to visit that has a growing food culture. That could possibly explain how delighted I was to be invited to a Negra Modelo Event at Union Market. Knowing a little something about event planning, I was super impressed by how they remodeled the venue to make the evening the success it was. There’s no better feeling than being at your absolute comfort level, about to enjoy some food and unlimited beer.

negro modelo event space negro modelo flowers

Even better than that, is dealing with staff that’s just a riot. One of the servers kept coming over to feed us the wild mushroom and goat cheese puffs and couldn’t stop making me laugh. It really gave me the sense that Negra Modelo is a friendly brand and I could look to really great future times over a few glasses. Amongst the passed dishes were sliders, as well as, some live food stations serving up carnitas tacos and a stuffed poblano pepper with rice. Nonstop Negra Modelo was paired with each dish in hopes to find The Perfect Complement …. I think the slider won me over  the most.

negro modelo slider negro modelo food station

The guest chefs for the evening were Chef Rick Bayless and Chef Chris Cosentino who had fairly good chemistry and it was most interesting to watch them cook together, especially since there was an overhead cam grabbing all the action. Chef Bayless is hilarious and even told us he feels sorry for anyone out there without a high speed blender as he put together his chili. Take notes chefs! Chef Cosentino prepared a steamed clams and chorizo dish and really touched on the importance of sharing food, how it brings us all together. As I grabbed another glass of Negra Modelo, I agreed with his sentiments.

negro modelo demo negro modelo clams and chickpea

As much as it was enjoyable to listen to the chefs share different ways to incorporate Negra Modelo in their dishes, I was ready for dessert. Chef Bayless had just answered my question on the most creative way he’s used the beer in a dish and his answer, a chili chocolate ice cream, had me curious. Luckily, chocolate was on the menu with a chocolate caramel cupcake with a Negra Modelo Caramel sauce. How fun are infused desserts? To add onto the evening, the event was social media powered to unlock amazing gifts which certainly left me encouraged to continue finding #ThePerfectComplement

goodies negro modelo

This post is sponsored by Negra Modelo. For more information, visit @NegraModeloUSA on twitter, facebook and instagram.

Station 4 eggs Benedict

That moment you find out one of your favorite go to brunch spots in DC has a sister restaurant >>> . Keeping it in the family though, I paid a visit to Station 4 that had a decor simply made for me. How cute is this all black and gold restaurant with huge kisses on the menus and doors?

Station 4

No champagne flutes here, they really are pouring up the mimosas if you’re a DC lush.

Station 4 Mimosa

It had been a while since I got some steak and eggs so I figured I’d order that instead of my usual French toast. I guess I should have ordered the eggs Benedict because these bad boys were great according to my company. The Steak and Eggs were all right, I wasn’t too crazy about it but I would stop back at Station 4 for the mimosas alone.

Station 4 eggs Benedict Station 4 steak & eggs

Smoked Chicken hash from masa 14

It takes a special kind of person to appreciate an unlimited brunch like Masa 14. I’m talking about eating for days or at least that’s how it feels.

It just so happens that I am one of those special kinds of people and I keep special company because I got to enjoy Masa 14 with Rainie. You guys remember her from her brunch pick, Talde?

We had the pleasure of having great service; the waitress was really kind and even charged our phones. We even got to interchange our drinks and I’m always a fan of that. When you do unlimited brunches, you order a few meals at once; it’s four at a time for Masa though. The meals are sent out tapas style and it’s enough to share unless you really like something and get greedy. Casually, we started with breakfast and worked our way into lunch, squeezing in dessert as well.

Breakfast Empanada at Masa 14

The breakfast empanada was delightful and a bit spicy, it almost left me wondering why I would need to order any other breakfast item. But that would be so unlike me.

So we ordered the salads.

Seared Salmon Salad from Masa 14


And the pizzas.

 Masa 14 Breakfast PizzaWild mushroom flatbread from Masa 14

The mushroom pizza was the best because the flavors popped way more than they did in the other dishes. Let’s not forget that we were drinking! The MASA Mimosa was delicious!

 Masa 14 Mimosa

The black paste with chips was pretty good but it’s an acquired taste if you’re not really a bean person.

Black Bean puree from masa 14

The steak and eggs were a hit for us because we ordered this way more than once. The steak was cooked to perfection. The combination on the plate just meshed so well, we couldn’t stop gushing over this one.

Tenderloin medallion from masa 14

By then, we had already tried the Lychee Bellinis and a few other dishes that I clearly ate before my camera was put to use.

 lychee bellini

Nonetheless, we made our way around to almost everything they had to offer.

Smoked Chicken hash from masa 14 Bacon Fried Rice from masa 14

Is it time for dessert yet?

According to this guy here, YES

pan dulce from masa 14

Probably one of the BEST desserts I have had in a while, was the pan dulce (sweet bread) at Masa 14. The whipped cream was actually spicy, totally unexpected, but amazing with the sweetness of the rest of the dish. I would eat this a million times and one. I love unlimited brunches for any occasion really but especially for groups because sharing is caring and you will have a whole lot of that here.