Cafe D'Alsce Mimosas

Wish I could tell you that I enjoyed brunch at Cafe D’Alsce but I didn’t. I live close enough to the restaurant to have taken it for granted, which I did, even though I had heard so much about it. But this day was going to be different, because I was finally going to see what the hype was about. It was already busy and the weather was great. I had made a reservation for four and I didn’t think I’d run into any issues. We looked forward to sitting outside, basking in the sun.

Cafe D'Alsce Mimosas

Per usual, they weren’t too keen on sitting the party of three without the fourth person there. Since there aren’t typically any tables for three, we would have to be seated at a four top regardless so I didn’t see the sense in waiting. This is a normal practice so I didn’t sweat it, I just really wanted a mimosa. After we were seated, we waited for someone to take our order as we over analyzed what we were in the mood for. And we waited some more, and some more. We finally were able to order a pitcher of mimosas and I went for the steak and eggs.

Cafe D'Alsce Brunch

This is when brunch went left. I ordered my steak medium, but it came well done and extremely tough. I wasn’t even able to cut through it and my waiter was no where to be found. The disappointment didn’t end there. Because we had waited so long to order, it didn’t make sense to send it back and there was already meal that had been forgotten. My friend was waiting for his meal for quite some time before the waiter realized. Unfortunately, it was now the wrong dish once it was brought back around. Again, no waiter in sight. It was truly a let down to receive such second hand service, and over cooked steak. With no one else being truly impressed, it’s safe to say we won’t be back to Cafe D’Alsce.