batters and berries chicken

It is too good for words. Though Harold’s still stands as my favorite chicken spot in the Chi, Batter’s and Berries really had me thinking what do they really put in the chicken in Chicago? Seriously.

Batter’s and Berries was an hour wait, BYOB, popular brunch spot that was worth every second I stood in line. The 7-eleven a few blocks away is easily accessible and ready to make your champagne wishes come true. The restaurant doesn’t have a corkage fee but they will charge for flutes if you want to get fancy with it. Aside from their menu, sounding simply mouth watering, they run a number of specials every weekend. Not being able to decide between the rumchatta French toast and the ones on the menu, I opted for a super flight. The flight, gives you EACH of the french toast on the menu, in addition to the special. Yes, this is my kind of party.

batters and berriesBlueberry, Strawberry, Rumchatta, and the lemon French toast all graced my plate to my anticipation. Each piece was infused with the flavor it called for and I must admit, that strawberry French toast was like nothing I ever tasted before. I could sit here and have flights all day, which I recommend for those who just can’t help themselves to everything. It would be a disservice to your tastebuds, to just try one.

batters and berries

But then I reached across the table and had the chicken. Again, what do they put in the chicken in Chicago!? Sweet Potato waffles and a beautiful piece of chicken breast sat across from me with the batter & berries in-house hot sauce  on the side. I meant to only have a piece, but this was an amazing thing – I had to go on and order my own. When was the last time you had something so good off someone else’s plate that you had to go and order your own? It was THAT good. The meat peeled right off my fork, evenly crisp on the outside and succulent on the inside. With the appropriate amount of sauce on the top, I knew they were onto something here.

Batters and Berries

Not only was my server a doll, but the food was also amazing and the vibe at batter’s and berries was busy but not congested. It’s definitely not a brunch you want to pass up in Chicago

Brown Betty icecream

After a Taste of Chicago, I had high expectations for A Taste of Philly. I happened to be visiting Philadelphia for two days and lucky me, I was just in time for the event. Outside of the entrance, plenty of food trucks lined up and I also got to try some of the worst mac and cheese ever, very sad.

Taste of Philadelphia banner

But that didn’t stop me from buying more tickets to get more food. Like the Taste of Chicago, you pay for a few tickets and then they are used as “money” when you visit the stands. Surprisingly here, the tickets can only get you one size portion,  in comparison to Chicago where they actually offered “a taste” and then that same portion doubled for a few more tickets.

Taste of Philadelphia tickets

The sun was scorching that day so the first thing I got my hands on was an ice cream sandwich from Brown Betty Icecream Truck.Brown Betty

I love strawberry ice cream so I really got a chance to appreciate the authenticity and quality of this sandwich. Did this woman make this ice cream from scratch? I could really taste that she did. The chocolate portion that kept it all together was more like a brownie to me, rich and creamy even, pulling all the flavors together.

Brown Betty icecream

Then I realized I needed some kind of “real” food in my system so I tried the chicken satay at the Twisted Tail stand. It’s always exciting to see the food being cooked fresh right in front of me.

Twisted Tail

And even better was the chicken I got to try.

Twisted Tail chicken satay

The rest of the festival was mainly theme park stands that sold your everyday theme park food, no specialties. I would try to return but towards the beginning of the festival for sure.

Bongo Room pancakes

Bongo Room menu

One thing I disliked about Chicago was the amount of waitresses underestimating my ability to consume more than one meal. Every single time I ordered two meals, they would give me a judgmental side eye and advise me to just get one thing. Uhhhh, I’m pretty sure I know what I’m doing here Ma’am, thanks though. So Friday morning, we had Bongo Room  for breakfast. Much love to my friend Kim’s aunt who originally recommended this place for our last visit.

Bongo Room tea

Marcy got grapefruit juice and I ordered the super sweet lemonade. Started with two eggs any style, home fries, and toast. The home fries were very well seasoned, smokey even, and I couldn’t get enough of it, even when I was full.

Bongo Room eggs and hash

The omelette Marcy got was a Churriso Avocado and Potato omelette which she claims was everything she hoped for. I had these red velvet pancakes; they actually had a white chocolate anglaise on the cakes along with toasted walnuts. I won’t lie, I was overwhelmed. Maybe the lady was right.

Bongo Room pancakes

The anglaise was laid on thick, literally, yet it didn’t over power the red velvet taste. The walnuts only added to the experience and to quote myself I said “This taste like ice cream”. Can you imagine having breakfast, tired and hung over from the night before and you try something you know you will love, and it taste like ice cream? Hmmm, yet people wonder why I want to move to Chicago.

Bongo Room fruit

They need Mimosas at this location, its BYOB but if they had it there, it just might have been gold. Either way, this place is amazing.