Luckys Burgers

Aside from drooling over Chef’s Lucky’s #YumCam, I had the pleasure of working with him for our appreciation bbq this past summer. Chef Lucky is actually an excellent photographer who just always been in the kitchen, since he was a kid. With mom’s encouragement and mouths to feed, I would say he had his own Le Cordon Bleu training program growing up.

Chef Lucky

Before I get into how perfect his burgers are, I want to highlight how meticulous Chef Lucky is. He insisted on having fresh flowers in his home weekly, only the best, fresh ingredients in his kitchen and is all about presentation. I was indeed starting to feel like the lucky one when he first invited me over for lunch.


Disclaimer: This is still one of the most amazing things I have ever tasted in my life.

Chef Lucky toasted mini Hawaiian sticky buns as he mixed peppers with ground beef into mini burgers to toss in the saucepan. He also seasoned turkey bacon (I won’t reveal his secret about this) and fried it to a crisp and laid it over the burger once cooked through. With panko crusted shrimp frying and hash browns cooking, I was grateful I skipped breakfast that morning. He then melted cheese over the burgers, layered the hash browns, added the shrimp and told me he was just getting started.

Luckys Burgers

He also made an avocado spread for the top bun, added tomatoes and fresh spinach to my now sliders. It was in this moment that I considered marriage. Chef Lucky also took his time plating the dish for me and adding potato chips on the side. He even packed me some to go and that’s why he’s a chef worth telling you about.

Luckys Burgers

I love meeting chefs like this who truly care about food, what they put in it and how they make people feel with it. Those sliders were some of the best to touch my tastebuds and Chef Lucky’s personal touch made them even better. Check out his newest venture with a few pals @LuckysKitchen where he may even share the full recipe.