Red Velvet Papillon Dessert

The art of #hashtag searching is so underestimated and I learned this when I learned of Papillon.

When I first landed in Puerto Rico, I was on Instagram, trying to find out who was here, what to eat, and where to party. How lucky was I to come across the instagram of Bite Art which assisted in my search for Brunch on the Enchanted Island. Unbeknownst to me was that there was a small, great restaurant called the Papillon, 10 minutes away from my hotel.

As soon as I walked in, I peeped at the pastries by the door. I instantly loved this place. The decor was so cute and classic and the menu looked amazing.

Papillon Bar











Papillon Mimosa











I started with the mussels that smelled, looked, and were delicious. This woman next to me wouldn’t stop staring over at our table while I was consuming them. The mussels were cooked perfectly, had a sauce that didn’t overpower, and they were easy to open.

Papillon Mussels

I ordered the Papillon Burger which has caramelized onions, mustard, cheese, and pickles on it plus it’s served with fries. It was very filling and I enjoyed the variety of textures and flavors in the burger.

 Papillon Burger

There’s no way I was leaving without this decadent red velvet cake even though I was full by this point. It was well worth the binge.

Red Velvet Papillon Dessert







Corcho Wine Bar Mimosas

Unlimited delicious Guava Mimosas and Sparkling Sangria were provided for the hour. The Mimosa was deliciously different different but the Sangria simply tasted like wine. This was a wine bar after all folks, but still.  The brunch menu at Corcho was short but definitely left us undecided on what was best to order

The place didn’t really get busy until two hours into brunch and by then we were already leaving. It’s best to get here early to have ample room but its not all that bad; just a bit smaller than we expected. Apparently they fit a band in here once a week, I’m not sure where, but it’s probably a nice touch, WEPA!
 Corcho Wine Bar Mimosas
I had been in the mood for a burger that day and the guava pancakes were calling. From the looks of it, it seems as though holes are poked through average pancakes and filled with guava. Disappointment had set in because we were kind of expecting guava batter turned into pancakes, but it’s not their fault right? Right. Either way, the guava was good and had a lot of potential because it was really tasty. I would just like to see an entire guava pancake, is that even possible?
 Corcho Wine Bar Guava Pancakes
The Chorizo we had on the side was very good and saved the day! On the other hand, the burger was all right at best. It was quite a big burger; I wound up cutting it into four pieces to consume. I wish the dish had come with more fries because that was a tad scarce and it was shame because they were SO good.
 Corcho Wine Bar Burger
Corcho is really cute to stop in for drinks if you’re in the neighborhood and a perfect place to chat, too. It’s also a good change from all the overrated restaurants neae. I would love to come back and just try the wine and tapas here. After all, that’s what they’re known for.
Kumas Corner Mac and Cheese

Prior to this trip, I was on the hunt for the best mac and cheese Chicago had to offer. I was able to squeeze two places in, and one of them was Kumas.

Kumas is actually a burger joint but rumor has it that they are “the best” at this mac and cheese thing. But huge thanks to our friend Breezy who raved about this place and made sure we made it here. Before we could decide on eeeeeats, we got to drinking.

Kumas Corner Milk Stout

Because I’m a Guinness girl and they weren’t carrying it, the bartender recommended starting with a milk stout. It was essential to my burger pairing that was to come.  I ordered and recommend the poblano burger but do come with an appetite as the portions are huge.

Kumas Corner Poblano Burger

The Kumas poblano burger has a roasted poblano pepper, bacon, cheddar and Monterey jack cheese, a house made ranchero sauce, and  tortilla strips on top. I literally had to cut the burger in four pieces and I almost cried because we had dinner in two hours and I had a feeling I wasn’t going to make it. But this burger was beyond delicious and it came with fries.

Kumas Corner Mac and Cheese

Kumas is very popular and the wait could be a while so try and sit at the bar if there’s room.

You can make your own mac and cheese here, so my friend opted for chicken and corn in hers. I thought it was great mac but I was busy with the  burger so I left her to attend to it, which ended up in us taking it home.The portion was so overwhelming, which in a way made it hard to enjoy. But for days on end you can be enjoying left overs and talking about it till days end.

Kumas Corner


I’m a burger kind of girl. Dare I say the 5 Napkin Burger kind.

After good drinks at a place I can’t recall, I found myself at 5 Napkin Burger in the union square area. They don’t serve Guinness there though, not cool. So I opted for a Blue Moon and they threw an orange on top. It’s not real if they don’t give you that orange . I was already starving BUT was nowhere near ready for my choices.

Bacon Burger 5 Napkin Burger

Lord, I love Bacon. You know how when you fry bacon half of it is fat and the other half is crisp deliciousness. Yea, no fat on my bacon. Yea, no fat in my bacon, I was in heaven. I died and came back and died again. It was real. Not to mention the burger was HUGE. I couldn’t even finish all of it but it was amazing. The fries were average, didn’t really care for them. Great place though if you’re a heavy eater. They have lots of other options here too and it’s a busy spot. Make a reservation. Their food will make you happy.

Onion Burger 5 napkin burger


Anthony Bourdain Approved. Need I say more? They better MILK that stamp they got from him. pun intended. Convenience will make you comfortable as times, which is probably why MILK Burger exist in my neighborhood and I ignore it. Well…. I don’t really ignore it. I always walk by and say “I need MILK burger” or you can find me tweeting about going and then…I never do.

Milk Burger table

It’s a new day though and I finally got around to ordering cheese fries and a milk burger topped with pickles, cheese, onions, milk sauce and tomatoes served on an egg bun.The menu is nothing less but interesting, I probably got the most ordinary thing on it actually. But again, I was listening to Bourdain. And although the service wasn’t favorable considering the time I awaited for my meal, it was worth it. The cheese fries were to die for.

Milk Burger Fries

I use to be a french fry fiend and the cheese was perfect. I hate when places want to melt cheese slices and stuff on fries and try to pass that off. Nacho cheese please! No complaints there. The Milk burger was pretty good too. I kept trying to figure out what the sauce was. I’m really into this whole thin burger thing, super flavorful so I enjoyed that they have that here too. There’s only one of these spots and it’s in Spanish Harlem so ven para aca papa!

Milk Burger