I’ve been to Charlies for dinner and brunch and though the vibe has been different for both, the food never failed me. I was blown away on my last visit here by their shrimp and grits served in a bread bowl. I was looking to order something I don’t normally indulge in and now I can’t even stop thinking about it. Everyone can’t make amazing grits, and the succulent shrimp were an added bonus for sure.

The grits were the right thickness and consistency and enough to dampen the bread bowl some. The best part was that they put bacon on top and they weren’t shy about it.

shrimp and grits

Sunday’s are their motown brunch days and they host a drag brunch on Saturday’s. The motown one is super cool because they have a live performance going on as your mimosas are getting filed. I can’t wait to check the drag one and get their honey butter biscuit which is also a must have.

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Friends as Toscas

Me: I’m going to have brunch in the Bronx today.
Friend: O_o what kind of good food does the Bronx even have?

It’s called Toscas, and God Bless Rahim’s little heart for taking me there. (Hi pubs) I left there considering moving to the Bronx just so that I can go there every Sunday. Yeah, it got kind of real.

I love a good brunch, but more than that though, I love a good cheap brunch with unlimited everything. Yes, drinks AND food. This should really be illegal.

When we pulled up, we realized there wass free valet parking. So now I’m about to eat like a boss and they’re going to park the car (for free) like a boss. The place is on the corner of a not-so-busy street and this is probably the downside, at least for me. It’s not your right-over-the-bridge kind of place but in its own right, keep cooking. The wait was about 30 minutes and that was expected because I had heard it was very popular. I didn’t know what else to expect until I got the grand tour. My eyes were doing the most trying-to-take-it-all-in look. I’m talking sushi (when was the last time you had sushi for brunch?), rice and beans, a meat table (ham and steak), desserts, eggs, potatoes, toast, you name it, they had it. By then, I was praying they would call up our table, I couldn’t take the wait any longer.

Friends as Toscas

By the way, the place is really cute. Dimmed lights in certain areas, a bar in the middle of the location and a back area where the sun shines through a huge window. Apparently they have day parties here also but I don’t know anything about that.

When it was time to eat, I didn’t take my time to decide or make anything pretty. I kind of just got everything at once and threw it all on my plate, so excuse my lack of presentation but I wasn’t trying to waste time. Now I really can’t go down the list of everything I had (because I had everything) but I will say what you must go there and get the Chicken Fingers with the honey mustard sauce. I promise you this honey mustard will be the best thing you’ve had in a while. You guys should really take my word on things that I don’t like then I have them at certain spots and fall in love. Honey mustard is one of those things, try it. I also recommend the French toast covered in strawberries. It’s Rahim’s favorite and it could be yours, too. The steak here is awesome. Get it from the man cutting it for you in the corner. It’s legit. I could have done without the sushi. The mimosa’s were delicious and the Bellini’s were strong, all for $25. You can never go wrong! (Oh, I rhymed!)

Man. I’m about to start Bronx gems soon (or not)