Corcho Wine Bar Mimosas

Unlimited delicious Guava Mimosas and Sparkling Sangria were provided for the hour. The Mimosa was deliciously different different but the Sangria simply tasted like wine. This was a wine bar after all folks, but still.  The brunch menu at Corcho was short but definitely left us undecided on what was best to order

The place didn’t really get busy until two hours into brunch and by then we were already leaving. It’s best to get here early to have ample room but its not all that bad; just a bit smaller than we expected. Apparently they fit a band in here once a week, I’m not sure where, but it’s probably a nice touch, WEPA!
 Corcho Wine Bar Mimosas
I had been in the mood for a burger that day and the guava pancakes were calling. From the looks of it, it seems as though holes are poked through average pancakes and filled with guava. Disappointment had set in because we were kind of expecting guava batter turned into pancakes, but it’s not their fault right? Right. Either way, the guava was good and had a lot of potential because it was really tasty. I would just like to see an entire guava pancake, is that even possible?
 Corcho Wine Bar Guava Pancakes
The Chorizo we had on the side was very good and saved the day! On the other hand, the burger was all right at best. It was quite a big burger; I wound up cutting it into four pieces to consume. I wish the dish had come with more fries because that was a tad scarce and it was shame because they were SO good.
 Corcho Wine Bar Burger
Corcho is really cute to stop in for drinks if you’re in the neighborhood and a perfect place to chat, too. It’s also a good change from all the overrated restaurants neae. I would love to come back and just try the wine and tapas here. After all, that’s what they’re known for.