Of course you could have made a sandwich for him everyday until you got that ring ladies, and maybe picking up her favorite ice cream on your way home does do it for her fellas but this is 2014 and going the untraditional route is much appreciated now-a-days. So instead of making that dinner reservation, or trying to get his mom to show you that favorite recipe of his, try these 5 food related things to do with your significant other.

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned above, is still valid. My favorite Ice cream is Orange Sorbet boo Food Tasting

  1. Sip & Paint: Who doesn’t love to release their inhibitions with some wine and let their creativity flow with some art? I would suggest a BYOB location so that you can have the wine you fancy but some of the sip and paint shops will provide it for you during your session. The idea is to create with one another, even if you have no artistic skills and well, a little wine never hurt. Check out Paint Nite as an option.
  2. Pizza Making Class: Because sometimes cooking WITH bae is more enjoyable than cooking for bae. So learn how to move that dough with the right one and sign up for a pizza making class where you can take your new skills home to try again later. Some of these classes have an open bar option and I think Mimosas + Mozzarella sounds refreshing for an early Saturday Afternoon. Check out AOA Bar & Grill as an option
  3. Bacon is Bible. Do a Bacon Tasting: There are bacon festivals happening all year around that you can bring your little bacon lover to. There are also restaurants like Bar Bacon that offer a bacon tasting on their menu to make your taste buds dance. Yes, you can “pig out”
  4. Sushi Making Class: Because we both love sushi long time so maybe so do you, and you can even try this at home with your favorite bottle of sake. If you can’t find a class, Hire an affordable private chef to show you OR just use youtube after you’ve purchased all the key ingredients.
  5. Apple picking: Because Tis the season! Nothing like a relaxing day of apple picking, laughs, and maybe some wine but truly some quality time with your loved one! You can go home after and bake an apple pie together instead of getting the new apple cider latter mocha whomever at starbucks.
Vegan Meetup

I never thought I’d ever consider giving up bacon, but  you certainly couldn’t tell at my first vegan outing at Cafe Blossom. Lannie, who has written for Food before Love about her vegan journey, had a great response from our followers on twitter during the Food Fit Health Chat. A lot of tweeters were intrigued about going to a vegan restaurant so I organized the dinner, riled up the good people who inquired and we went on a dinner date to Cafe Blossom. It was a first for many, and definitely a first for me. You all know I love steak, bacon and everything in between so I was nervous and excited for this new experience but I’m worried that I wouldn’t like anything. I truly wasn’t ready.

cafe Blossom

So I ordered Vegan wine to relax. What is vegan wine? I’m not even sure to be honest. But I was told that some wines have fish bladder in them, as well as, animal finings (ie: gelatin). It’s all very strange. This Vegan wine however, was very good, light in body, delicate, and tasty. I could drink this forever, no problem.

Vegan Wine Cafe Blossom

Soy bacon, though; is not my friend. I ordered the soy bacon burger which was super cheesy and the bacon was flabby. I’m not too sure if this could be a forever thing, actually I’m pretty sure it can’t be. It’s either bacon or no bacon, there is no in between.

Soy Bacon Burger Cafe Blossom

We had some great people in attendance who really enlightened me on the lifestyle and what I should and shouldn’t be eating. I learned a lot about myself and have tried to make a conscious effort on changing my eating patterns. The question is, could I ever “go vegan?”

Vegan Meetup

Pork Nachos

Swine was hella fine when I was picked up to check it out on my birthday. Lately, I love everything on a chip. Even at the Power Couple Brunch in a few weeks, we’ll be having breakfast nachos; I may be slightly obsessed. So yes, I was going to indulge in pork chunks, cheese and jalapeno nachos at Swine as my starter. I felt the chips were a bit overdone but that didn’t stop me from stuffing my face with this combo. When I couldn’t stand the over baked chips, I searched for all the pork pieces and smiled. Gluttony is a sin.

Pork Nachos

It sure didn’t stop me from ordering the pulled pork sandwich that came with “pickles”. Tasted more like cucumbers (blech) to me but I’ll let them tell it. The sandwich was super sweet, could have been the mango chipotle sauce they slab on it but I was looking for something a little drier. The short ribs, his choice, were phenomenal though and this place IS FOR PORK LOVERS. You won’t be able to get enough; I can’t wait to go back myself.

Pulled pork sandwich Ribs

Shoot, I’d go back for dessert alone. Mainly because I was served what’s apparently the best bread pudding in town, no argument there. The kicker though, was the maple bourbon whipped cream they pair with it. The whipped cream can be eaten with everything. So kudos to them on that and blessed is your belly when you go.

Bread pudding

Smoked Chicken hash from masa 14

It takes a special kind of person to appreciate an unlimited brunch like Masa 14. I’m talking about eating for days or at least that’s how it feels.

It just so happens that I am one of those special kinds of people and I keep special company because I got to enjoy Masa 14 with Rainie. You guys remember her from her brunch pick, Talde?

We had the pleasure of having great service; the waitress was really kind and even charged our phones. We even got to interchange our drinks and I’m always a fan of that. When you do unlimited brunches, you order a few meals at once; it’s four at a time for Masa though. The meals are sent out tapas style and it’s enough to share unless you really like something and get greedy. Casually, we started with breakfast and worked our way into lunch, squeezing in dessert as well.

Breakfast Empanada at Masa 14

The breakfast empanada was delightful and a bit spicy, it almost left me wondering why I would need to order any other breakfast item. But that would be so unlike me.

So we ordered the salads.

Seared Salmon Salad from Masa 14


And the pizzas.

 Masa 14 Breakfast PizzaWild mushroom flatbread from Masa 14

The mushroom pizza was the best because the flavors popped way more than they did in the other dishes. Let’s not forget that we were drinking! The MASA Mimosa was delicious!

 Masa 14 Mimosa

The black paste with chips was pretty good but it’s an acquired taste if you’re not really a bean person.

Black Bean puree from masa 14

The steak and eggs were a hit for us because we ordered this way more than once. The steak was cooked to perfection. The combination on the plate just meshed so well, we couldn’t stop gushing over this one.

Tenderloin medallion from masa 14

By then, we had already tried the Lychee Bellinis and a few other dishes that I clearly ate before my camera was put to use.

 lychee bellini

Nonetheless, we made our way around to almost everything they had to offer.

Smoked Chicken hash from masa 14 Bacon Fried Rice from masa 14

Is it time for dessert yet?

According to this guy here, YES

pan dulce from masa 14

Probably one of the BEST desserts I have had in a while, was the pan dulce (sweet bread) at Masa 14. The whipped cream was actually spicy, totally unexpected, but amazing with the sweetness of the rest of the dish. I would eat this a million times and one. I love unlimited brunches for any occasion really but especially for groups because sharing is caring and you will have a whole lot of that here.

Pancakes Bacon Goat Cheese Cascabel

Yes, I thought about Cascabel Taqueria just about everyday now solely off the strength that the fried blue crab here with corn was so ridiculously delicious that I can’t keep my mind off of it.

Cascabel Taqueria on the Upper East Side is LOVELY. The place was packed inside and out when we arrived, so I recommend making a reservation if you can. Then, as soon as you sit down, order a drink! They have about 5 different ones here for brunch and you can switch them out as you wish!

sangria cascabel taqueria

Back to this party in my mouth though hosted by this blue crab, corn, fresh salsa and pepper aioli! If you love crab, come try this decadence! It was so well fried but happened to be so soft in the middle, almost too good to be true! Then the aioli was drop dead amazing; I couldn’t help but dip the crab back in it every time. Heavenly!

Blue Crab Pepper Aoli Cascabel Taqueria











Seriously, how do you follow that up?

My solution was to keep drinking!

This is a place for a Lush like myself. And I got to try all my drinks with these amazing pancakes. I love goat cheese, strangely so. For some reason this went perfectly with the pancakes and the crispy bacon that was provided had me leaving a happy camper.

Pancakes Cascabel Taqueria











Even though it felt like I ordered a lot, the portions here were super decent and it allows you to eat more than you normally would. It’s a cute two-person spot or small group of friends looking to enjoy Sunday fun day.


In the snow storm, I decided to go to I went to Maggie Brown and  this place is so cute. It’s really quaint, mellow and perfect for the weather we were having. It’s that place in the movies you run to in a storm for hot chocolate to meet your sweetheart. All except for the fact that this was real life and I was meeting my girlfriends.

The deal offered here for dine Brooklyn was “two people for $28” while some other locations were doing $28 per person. Being the greedy food lovers we are, we ordered two rounds of biscuits and two orders of the Buffalo wings. The biscuits came with gravy once and the other time with raspberry butter. They were also the highlight of the evening! The gravy was alright at best, but the butter was really a hit. At least for me it was, others may beg to differ.

Maggie Brown Biscuits

The wings were wings, and we enjoyed those. For entrée’s we had the fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, and as well as, the fried tilapia po’ boy. The fried chicken came with mashed potatoes and greens. It was crispy and yummy, what more could we ask for? The mash was pretty good and the greens were, well, I don’t eat greens guys so who knows how they were.

Maggie Brown Chicken and Mash

The Mac had onions and supposedly bacon in it but unfortunately, the person consuming this meal did not enjoy it at all. I think it just wasn’t what we were expecting and that brought disappointment.

Maggie Brown Po Boy

The Po’boy on the other hand WAS enjoyed and it came with a chipotle mayo that really made the sandwich. Honestly, I would go back here despite the set back. I believe they have a lot of potential on their menu and I can’t say no to more food. Besides, this place is super cute!

Maggie Brown Po Boy

The deal did come with dessert but we were cold and we asked them to pack it up. It seemed as through their cocktail menu was worth coming back for too.


Update: This restaurant is now closed.