St Roch Market

St Roch Market
Photo by St Roch Market.

New Orleans has some of the best food in the U.S., that’s not even up for debate. One of the things that attracted me to New Orleans was St. Roch Market. Serving as a hub for entrepreneurship, but still functioning like a restaurant.

The Space

St. Roch Market is the result of a revitalization project after Hurricane Katrina. The market was pretty much in ruins as the hurricane left it open to vandalism and excessive flooding. Afterwards, the city granted Bayou Street LLC access to lease the space after a $3.6 million renovation. It now serves somewhat as an incubator space at the end of Claude Avenue. Best of all, there are a variety of options and never a wait, which is ideal if you’re walking from the French quarter.

St Roch market chipotle tinga taco

In addition to the number of businesses supported there, they also feature communal seating and a bar. If the weather is good, you can even sit outside. Up and down the corridor on both the left and right side, you’ll find a number of businesses. The seating runs down the middle and the service staff is extremely attentive. There’s even a merchandise booth in the far right corner of the market. Just incase you’re in the mood to take a piece of New Orleans home with you.

St Roch Market Vendor

The Food

Since St. Roch Market offers space temporarily, vendors do have to apply to be invited to sell  their merchandise and are on a rotating schedule. They allow about 13 vendors at a time. Currently, you can find La Mezcla Mexicana, Good Bird and T2 Streetfood featured in the market, just to name a few. Everything from salad bowls to chiptole pork tinga tacos are served, plus dessert. It might be safe to say that there won’t be a craving left to satisfy when you walk out of here. Next time you’re in NOLA, take a stroll down and eat for yourself.

St. Roch Market Salad


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