Rose Petals Cafe

After two long hours of waiting for Lauryn Hill to show up and a few long hours of her interesting performance, I was ready for bed just to be that much closer to brunch. As I am accustomed to the BYOC (C for champagne) policy in Philadelphia, The red wine¬†where the hell was the champagne? went in the car for my first time at Rose Petals Cafe. I absolutely hate waiting for a free table but it’s usually worth it for brunch in other cities and we skipped the table in front of us, ha!

The menu is drenched with words that make your stomach growl, and a million different ways to serve up waffles and french toast. Rose Petals Cafe seemed like the kind of the place you needed to try about five times to get a real taste of it all and believe me, I have every intention of coming back. The service needs some improvement as it took a long time for us to get wine glasses, and some water but I felt positive about my meal making up for it.

rose petals cafe

As recommended, I opted for the catfish over a waffle smothered in gravy with a side of grits. I feel myself turning into a grits snob *covers face* but these had a pretty good consistency and the temperature was just right. Then the food coma came on. There was no need for syrup because the waffle and catfish were both completely¬†covered in the gravy which was the best chance to try it all together. The catfish was very tender which worked well against the waffle which wasn’t as soft as expected. They did pair well together but you must come with an appetite because it’s a dish not made for the weak.

rose petals cafe


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