Where to go for the 2016 Winter NYC Restaurant Week

I challenge you to dine solo during NYC Restaurant Week because waiting on your friends to join you is not the key to success. Sometimes you have to do it on your own. 

Here are a few places you can try:

Photo Courtesy of NYCGO.com

1. Zuma 

Honestly the price point here is really $$$$ so why wouldn’t you catch this deal? Besides, I’m standing by the food here, it’s a tastebuds party. 

Type of restaurant: Japanese

Perfect for: Your Sex and the City lunch date or even a double date. 

What you need to know: They do shared plates here so just know you’re ordering for the table.

2. Baan 

Who knew there was even another restaurant near mother burger and blockheads? When you’re too thirsty for margaritas, you may not even peep. 

Type of restaurant: Korean

Perfect for: This is first date or second date material 

What you need to know: The Bulgogi is a must. You get to cook it yourself, eat good and get this experience at the same d*mn time. 

Tuna Sashimi Baan

3. Miss Lily’s 

Who Jah bless, no man can curse. Need I say more? 

Type of restaurant: Caribbean 

Perfect for: Good vibes

What you need to know: There are two locations, but the Soho location is my favorite!

4. Raymi

Type of restaurant: Peruvian

Perfect for: Any occasion 

What you need to know: The sangria is normally delicious and you can get a free Pisco early in the week when you check in on yelp.

5. Bodega Negra

Type of restaurant: 

Perfect for: Intimate date night

What you need to know: It’s “hidden” at the Dream Hotel, don’t mistake the outside cafe for the real location.

Bodega Negra Maduros

6. Cherry Izakaya

Type of restaurant: Japanese

Perfect for: Any occasion

What you need to know: The spicy tuna crispy rice is a must!

Cherry Izakaya

7. Fonda

Type of restaurant: Mexican

Perfect for: Catching up with friends

What you need to know: The place is really laid back. So don’t try for anything serious.

I also plan to visit The View, Hakassan NY, and Cafe D’Alsace for the first time. Maybe, just maybe, they will make the list next year of must visits. 

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