Mikey Likes it Ice Cream

If you follow me on twitter, you know how much I love ice cream but Mikey Likes It Ice cream ?.Like the obsession is serious. So much so, that I went to try Mikey Likes It Ice Cream twice in a week in the Lower East Side. What I liked most, aside from this being a black owned business, and the fact that Mikey has an incredible story, is that the flavors are consistently changing.

Mikey Likes It has the funkiest clock on the wall with the faces of people whom past flavors were based on but the “regular” menu is nothing close to average. This is a taste buds party. What really gets people going though are the waffle sandwiches that they make on sight to go with your ice cream. I opted for the red velvet waffle, but they have blue velvet as well. My first time here, I indulged in a classic flavor, the pretty in pink but on my second trip, tried the flavor of the month. The servers here are also very sweet, even when overwhelmed and they let you try some flavors! If you like ice cream, you’ll love Mikey’s.


mikey likes it ice cream
Courtesy of Yelp

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