Green Eggs Cafe

Thank you Genius in HD for accompanying me on a 6-hour trip to Philadelphia just for brunch at Green Eggs Cafe.


Wasn’t it worth it?

As I jumped into my dress for a birthday shindig that evening, exhausted from traveling and possibly still mimosa-drunk, that’s all I kept telling myself.


I had been to Green eggs before and as you may recall, the pancakes left a lasting impression on me. Possibly some of thee best red velvet pancakes I have had to date and I wish someone could tell me different. This is what pancakes for two looks like, because seriously, you cannot finish this alone. Three huge pancakes hugging one another with delicious mascarpone in between and oozing out of the sides…I have died and gone to heaven.

Red Velvet Pancakes - Green Eggs Cafe

But the great thing about Green eggs, aside from it being BYOB, is that ALL the food is pretty amazing and my fork was on every plate at my table.

Brunch - Green eggs cafe

About 7 bottles of Andre later…I was full and the waitress, Logan, who’s a doll, just knew I wasn’t going to make it. So she shared with me what I thought at the time was the craziest idea ever; take the pancakes home and make it into a milkshake. Is this lady for real? And she was, so I listened to her because these pancakes man, they really are THAT good.

Creme Brule French Toast - green eggs cafe

Not going to lie, I was nervous. Pancakes? Into a milkshake? That’s suppose to taste good? HELL. TO. THE. YES. I whipped up my milkshake and haven’t looked back since. When I tell you it was amazing though…Logan, I owe you. I put half of the pancakes, with one scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, a cup of milk and a tablespoon of syrup into the blender to make it. Can’t wait to head back to Philly to do this all again.

Marcy & Cass


4 comments on “Green Eggs Cafe

  1. Rainie
    November 13, 2013 at 11:38 am

    I want to know how you made the milkshake!? I want to see the milkshake lol. And yes Green Eggs is one of my favorite restaurants. Please check out Mixto next time you’re in Philly, you’ll love that place too!

    • Goldie
      November 13, 2013 at 12:39 pm

      I will check it out and I updated the post with the milkshake instructions.

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