Fred’s House Seafood Market & Grill

Just when I was starting to think my food experiences on this trips were all going to be a flop, I opted for Fred’s House Seafood Market & Grill due to my craving for seafood. I came across this restaurant on instagram some months ago and now, the moment finally came in real life – no double tap. Until I go back, this will be my best food experience in Mexico to date. The decor of Fred’s, makes you feel like you’re in a boat, I’m talking deck on the titanic kind of ambiance. The waiters are really nice and attentive without hovering over your food and conversation; always wearing a smile and making sure you’re not hungry anymore, which is just fine with me. But just as important as hungry, is thirsty so I got the highly recommended Fred’s Mojito. The sugar cane couldn’t have made this drink any sweeter! It was fresh, subtle taste of the liquor and went well with everything I ordered in the remainder of the evening.
Fred's Mojito






















I was so busy trying to decide on what to get off their extensive menu that I was delighted when the bread was brought out with all these fixins. Yes, I said Fixins. They provided us with a tray of three sauces, one of which I knew all too well: Garlic mojito. The first pot was like guacamole but softer and there’s also the white bread, which became my belly’s best friend. The last pot held a sauce similar to the dip you may find yourself having with calamari except spicier. Meanwhile, there was plenty more to try at the table.




















Because then they brought the guacamole out and a spicier sauce, along with the tortilla’s ranging in HEAT levels. Please take note that I still hadn’t ordered any food yet and I had to resist getting full on all of this.Hot Sauces Tortillas

























As if that wasn’t enough, they brought out a shrimp soup to start, on the house with lime. We were instructed to squeeze the limejuice into the small bowl, which I really enjoyed because it eased the spicy after taste of the soup. The soup went down smoothly and though there weren’t any actual shrimp in it, you could tell they were dancing in this mixture at some point. They also added some juicy potatoes, which lingered at the bottom like a surprise.

shrimp soup













But since I eat with my eyes and had no idea they were going to keep showering us with more food, then mussels it is! The mussels were drowned in the accompanying sauce and chewy as expected. It was my third or so time enjoying mussels with croutons and I really enjoy what it does for texture once combined.

Fred's House Seafood Market & Grill mussels














Luckily, the party didn’t end there because I was in the mood for crab legs so bad. With a small bowl full of butter, they basically told me to go to town and since the crabs were already cracked, ready for you to pull the crab meat out, that’s what I had to do. My steak was also very good, exactly how I needed it cooked and even saved for lunch the next day.freds crab legs steak


































The rice, however, was extremely basic and tasted like dirty rice out of the box, which might even be better than this stuff. However, this couldn’t ruin the good time we were having at Freds.














So, sleepy eyed from the food coma, we still ordered dessert and considering you can’t find churros anywhere but downtown Cancun, churros we ordered. The thing is though, that they fried the banana’s here like churros instead of it being a regular unfilled churro. Considering I was craving churros, I couldn’t fully enjoy this particular delight but I did indulge in the ice cream it was paired with. Even after this was cleaned from its plate, they brought us a bowl of scraped ice-covered in a juice, something I know as a Piragua to clean our palettes. I slept through the night like a baby.banana churros


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  1. Harvey Hirsch
    May 1, 2014 at 1:10 pm

    love Cancun. Did you get to Perico’s? Great food and drinks.

    • Goldie
      May 2, 2014 at 11:06 am

      I didn’t 🙁

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