Conrad Condado Plaza Hotel

During my visit for Puerto Rico Restaurant Week, I stayed at the Conrad Condado Plaza, which was a breath-taking hotel! My room was excellent, beautiful, and spacious! Not to mention, we had a balcony and an amazing bathroom.

Conrad Condado Plaza Hotel Bathroom

Conrad Condado Plaza Hotel Room

The hotel also had two pools and a bar inside of the pool! There were steps towards the back of the pool area that led to our own semi private beach. Can you say beach bum?

Conrad Condado Plaza Hotel Beach View

When I arrived, I was already starving! So I decided on eating inside the hotel cafe even though I wanted local food for the entire trip. I tried this Philly cheese steak with fries and two shots of Don Q. Apparently, and I learned this last time, everyone only really drinks Don Q. But anyways, my sandwich was really messy because it was so cheesy and the steak was just falling out of the bread, but it was amazing nonetheless. I wound up ordering it again on my last day because it was just that good.

Conrad Condado Plaza Hotel Sandwich

The Bar at the hotel was always busy and even an attraction in the evenings. It was a good way to meet other hotel patrons and the staff was really attentive.


Conrad Condado Plaza Hotel Bar


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