Seafood Cauliflower Cuca Restaurant

A few months ago, I visited Bali and one of the first restaurants we went to was Cuca Flavor. After some extensive research for our group trip, Cuca Flavor came up multiple times as one of the best in the town. I recently shared how to best prepare for Bali and things you should know before organizing some time there. There are many food options to choose from and it can be quite overwhelming to find the right one.

Initially, what I loved about Cuca Flavor was the atmosphere. The restaurant has plenty of open space, fabrics draped down from the high ceilings and simple, distinct touches that pull it all together. Their ingredients are sourced directly from Indonesia and cooked in an open kitchen. We had the pleasure of having the restaurant all to ourselves and got to peek into what the chef was preparing for the evening.

Travel Group Cuca flavor Restaurant

We decided on the chef’s tasting menu which includes tapas for the whole table. We even got to indulge in desert together. Before we grabbed bites to eat. I ordered a Tokyo mojito which came with a ice ball in the glass. The benefits of ice balls are that the ice melts a lot slower than a smaller cube would, releasing less water into your drink. It also looks really cool and put Cuca Flavor on the higher end for me as far as presentation goes.

Corn Cuca Restaurant

At least 10 or more plates were brought out to our table. Everything from meat and potatoes, to black squid risotto made it our tastebuds. The roasted pork buns ended up being the crowd favorite. Honey glazed bbq pork just had to happen for us again so we ordered another round. But amongst us were roasted baby roasted corn, bbq octopus and a honey baked pumpkin salad. The corn was soft and crunchy and had just the right amount of cheese on top.

Seafood Cauliflower Cuca Restaurant

The octopus however, was more refreshing laying over a bed of asian gazpacho. The cauliflower was sweet and the dish was fresh, easy to share amongst friends. The pumpkin salad was more unconventional, none of us having tried something quite like it before. The best part about the dish was that the green beans were really creamy and that softness against the crunch of the granola was a match made. The pumpkin has more depth to it so it really rounded out offering.

Chefs Table Cuca Restaurant

The experience is said to be on the higher end pricing wise for Bali but we all still felt it was a pretty affordable one. I would certainly return again and find time during the day to dine. The feature a garden and outside seating for guest who wish to visit then. If you’re planning a trip to Bali, visit Cuca Flavor before you depart.

Breakfast Club London Pancakes

Not too interested in indulging in an English Breakfast, I sought out the Breakfast Club in London. All of my London friends said it was the must eat brunch spot and the line outside was my confirmation. Greeted by bright colors and a vibrant staff, we knew were in for a treat. Now we just had to figure out how many pounds to tip. Managing the conversion was only getting harder by the day.

Breakfast Club London

They don’t offer mimosas so we were stuck with fresh orange juice. Feeling refreshed and sober, I prayed that the food will make up for it. We were in close quarters towards the back of the establishment but it wasn’t overbearing in the least. The closer to the kitchen, the sooner the food will get to us, right?! We started with a shared plate of the pancakes, that looked too good to pass up. Layered in vanilla cream and berries, it was perfectly made for two. We originally saw the dish over at another table which only solidified our order. A bit of a messy dish, these pancakes couldn’t stand a chance.

Breakfast Club London Pancakes

But, I wasn’t going to leave without ordering the chorizo hash. After all, the pancakes was to share and this, was not. What I loved most about the hash was the comfort it brought me during every bite. Heavy chunks of chorizo and plenty of colorful flavors danced around my plate and taste buds. The poached egg was as close to perfect as it could be. It broke apart over the dish and melted right into the potatoes.

Breakfast Club London Hash

This went on until we couldn’t consume anymore food. But one thing to know, is that The Breakfast Club is worth the wait. If you plan to go, be sure to download a currency converter app. Pretty sure we did end up tipping too much after all.

Big Ben London

Things to know Bali

It’s an amazing thing to be traveling while hungry abroad. But as of recently, more and more travelers have been looking to Asia to spend their frequent flyer miles. Bali has been one of those places, right along with Thailand. As you look for things to do in Bali and places to see, you’ll be needing these tips to get by.

After spending a week long in Bali, I came back to share 5 things to know in preparation for the trip.


Cartagena Colombia Group Travel

Get your passport ready because the next stop on the Traveling While Hungry Series is Cartagena, Colombia.

The dates are January 19th – 23rd so start to request those days off. Hosted at “Hotel Caribe” with the beautiful beach as your backdrop, there will be so much to do.

Relax or Party. Wake up, swim, drink, sun bathe, spa, explore dance, and eat to your hearts content, then do it again the next day. And of course, we’re putting together activities to bring you together with new friends and old!

Hotel Caribe

Pricing starts at $900

Packages Include:

  • Luxurious Double Superior Room for 5 days and 4 nights
  • Admission to the ‘Welcome to Cartagena” dinner
  • Admission to an exclusive Cartagena Cooking class experience
  • Access to the *hands on* Chocolate Making workshop
  • Access to the Street Market Tour (inclusive of food samples from numerous vendors)
  • Start your day with a complimentary breakfast DAILY!
  • Roundtrip Airport Transfers (to/from Rafael Núñez International Airport)
  • Roundtrip transfers to all off-site events mentioned
  • Must Eat Cheat Sheet Guide to local eateries & hotspots in Cartagena
  • Wi-Fi
  • *All taxes and fees included
  •  **Based on Double Occupancy

**Flights are NOT included**
Payment Details  
A deposit of US $75 per person is required to secure your booking – By November 1st, 2016
Balance due in 4 installments on or before December 12th, 2016.

Want to visit Colombia?!

It’s almost time to pack your bags so don’t miss out and reserve your spot today.

Chicken from La Habichuela

I never mentioned that I was in Cancun celebrating the birthday of a great friend who reads this blog often. Rainie had been talking about La Habichuela Sunset all week so we decided to make it our last stop in Cancun before we departed back to the states.

After a long day of excursions, drinking by the pool and getting tanned, we made super late reservations for dinner before we hit the town. So late that we were the only people in the restaurant, which worked out because we were dressed classy and this was bossy; it’s tough dressing for a night out and still be appropriate for dinner you know.

The decor of Habichuela is extremely Mayan inspired with many details and huge traditional pieces all over the main two floors with an older look on the lower level that was partially outside. We started the evening with Tamales in our attempts to get involved with the culture; ours were filled with lobster, duck and shrimp. Again, it was flavorless to us so can someone pass the hot sauce please.

Tamales from La Habichuela

We continued to give the food a try and I opted for the chicken breast veronica, which was stuffed with sweet plantain and prosciutto in a sweet Hawaiian sauce. Bad idea. It was far too sweet for my taste buds, overpoweringly sweet, and not exactly what I had in mind for the evening. A lot of the chicken still had fat on it and the slithery feel due to the sauce was not delighting in the least. Hate to say it, but Cancun just couldn’t win me over.

Chicken from La Habichuela

Steak Tacos at Tacos and Tequila

Sometimes we go away to have good food, to be removed from the stress of life, to celebrate, or to take a second to take it all in. To do all of the above, I escaped to Cancun for almost a week, life still followed me there but I knew going to Cancun would make it alright. Though I was disappointed with many of the flavors or lack there of, I came across some great food experiences  as well and I plan to share them all. First stop was Tacos and Tequila which is in the hotel zone of Cancun inside the outdoor Mall titled La Isla.

They had Wi-Fi there and my need to connect with back home was enough for me to order this huge margarita with chili powder on the rim. The flavor of the powder is really difficult to describe because it tasted familiar but I knew it was a stranger to my taste buds. The kick was very light and it was sweet as well, something that the locals apparently have here often. My waiter even gave me some to go since I was so intrigued but that wasn’t getting past customs. The Mango margarita was not exactly the frozen drink I was expecting but it didn’t matter because it was pretty good and if I can’t taste the tequila then you can be my friend.














I went for an order here which consist of three tacos of your choice and a side. I opted for the Mexican rice which was bland but I also tried the cactus for fun. I never heard of cactus on a menu and my waiter agreed to bring some out for me. The cactus was bitter and tasted like a string bean almost. I couldn’t believe people were eating cactus tacos; this thing needed some pepper or something.















The shrimp tacos caught my eye, as well as the pork and the steak. They poured onions into the shrimp and the pork, which I had to handpick out. I can’t stand onions but I will tolerate them. Unfortunately, I wasn’t going to tolerate a whole tablespoon of them. The shrimp needed something to accompany them in the taco to truly make it filling, like some guacamole. Instead I ate them alone because the wrap did nothing for them.
Pork Tacos













The Pork was my favorite out of the three just because it sucked the least and actually had some spices to it. I filled this one with the rice to add to the texture and it worked out well.

Shrimp Tacos and Rice














The steak was filled with chorizo, which really made it tolerable, but still not impressed. I was under the impression that I was in Taco heaven and so far that hadn’t seemed to be the case.

Steak Tacos