Fresh& Co Adobo Chicken

As a busy entrepreneur, I’m always looking for on the go eats like Fresh & Co. One of the things I love most about this brand, is that they’re all over New York City so I’m never too far away. I recently discovered that they have their own app. Lucky for me, they sent me $10 for my birthday and I couldn’t wait to redeem it. I’m somewhat of a regular at Fresh & Co. so I’m here for all the perks they offer.

Fresh & Co Ingredients
My usual order is the Tex Mex bowl. It comes with a spicy tex mex sauce, fresh avocado, melted cheese, beans, pico de gallo and fresh kale. You also have the choice of quinoa or rice and I almost always choose quinoa. Not sure how to properly say Quinoa? Watch my video here. I love how good I feel after I have this dish, and love how filling it is as well.

Fresh& Co Adobo Chicken

The Fresh & Co staff are extremely sweet and work efficiently. You can always count on them to adjust the heat in your dish and make great recommendations for proteins. The adobo chicken is my go to which they layer over the bowl. There are other options but I was told tthe adobo chicken is the best, and it’s the most affordable.

Fresh & Co Tea
You can grab iced teas at Fresh & Co. too. But I try to grab a red jacket with my meal if the location is offering it. Every location can be a little different but the food is always great. I never run into too long of a line and there’s always plenty of seating. The packaging is perfect for taking your order with you. It keeps the food warm and maintains the taste. Next time you’re feeling healthy and don’t want to compromise on flavor, choose Fresh & Co.

Fresh & Co Tex Mex Bowl

Eataly Sabbia Calamari

Summer is over but and so are the reservations at Sabbia but it will be missed. Sabbia was serving beach vibes since April and it was the kind of place that made you wish your feet were dipped in sand. Since Sabbia sits on the rooftop of Eataly,  the sun shines in but not enough to give you a tan.

However if you indeed need one, sign up for our #TravelingWhileHungry trips. Just saying.

Eataly Sabbia

The restaurant is also extremely laid back, with cabana’s in the corner and cocktails at the bar. Naturally, you’ll want to kick your feet up and prepare for a great time. The bartender will add to this experience with some of their signature drinks, like the Limone-Jito or Pesca Fresca. However, I took an affinity to their Prosecco spritz which was completely refreshing, bright and keeps me holding onto summer days. With the renovation of the space for their winter restaurant, I must get over it now.

Eataly Sabbia cocktail

However, the easy to eat menu items were right up my alley, with choices like oysters and calamari. The menu wasn’t too seafood heavy and a great combination with choices from land and sea, both well represented.

Eataly Sabbia dish

Particularly fresh, the calamari was one of my favorite things on the menu, The portion is perfect for group diners who love to share and want to bite into summer. Good Calamari can be so hard to find in NYC where everyone is doing it, but at Sabbia, they’re were doing it right.

Eataly Sabbia Calamari

I briefly got a chance to try the fresh Island creek oysters, brought over from the oyster bar which was set up nearby. Real oyster lovers could appreciate this dining bonus but have to now wait and see what the new restaurant, Baita, will offer.

Eataly Sabbia Oysters

The Folly Ceviche

Not sure how my boyfriend came across The Folly for our lunch date but I’m glad he did. The Folly is an underground gem. You have to walk down a few steps from street level to access the entrance here. You may not spot The Folly if you’re strutting your typical NYC pace towards SoHo.

The Folly Cocktail

.The Folly gives me super sexy birthday vibes, almost burlesque. It’s covered in nautical decor with a seafood focused menu. The menu is heavy with appetizers which make you want to share. It’s the perfect after hours spot or quick mid-day bite. Since I was introduced to the pain killer cocktail back at Streets, I was curious to see how The Folly was going to compete. It turned out to be a completely different experience because The Folly serves the pain killer frozen. It had a creme look versus the purple cocktail I was served in Brooklyn. The sugar rim was just a great finish to the cocktail, which is oddly similar to a pina colada. It was also the perfect amount of frozen where you could still enjoy the drink without getting brain freeze.

Casandra Rosario The Folly

Bring on the Ceviche. Like any seafood dish, the secret is freshness, but this is particularly most important when it comes to Ceviche. The Folly is practicing this and has to be acing it every time because the layers of acidity, against the numerous textures and burst of flavors is not to be underestimated. The down side is that there are never enough chips when you order ceviche anywhere really, and that combination really makes the dish. I could sit at The Folly for hours and eat loads of their ceviche because it was so refreshing, and really woke up my tastebuds.

The Folly Ceviche

In addition to trying to the carnita’s tacos, which were amazing, I went for the sliders. If you follow on social media, you’ll know I’m a huge taco snob. Since the plates were shareable, I managed not to eat them all and make room for more. The sliders weren’t as exciting as the tacos but again, great comfort fillers when you’re looking for that quick bite on any occasion. The burgers were cooked exactly how I asked and came with the perfect buns, that’s a major key. I certainly left satisfied, with a full stomach and with intrigued because the aesthetics here just make you want to come back. Don’t hesitate to put The Folly on your To Eat List.

The Folly Sliders

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Maimonide MOB Pizza

It’s rare for me to step into a restaurant quite like Maimonide, affectionately known as M.O.B, but here I am telling you about it. Maimonide is a vegan spot off Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn with the most laid back vibe you can encounter. The crowd there is somewhat eclectic but certainly mixed for anyone to pop in for a bite and feel comfortable. With exaggerated communal tables, they definitely leave room for strangers to leave as friends.

Maimonide MOB Lemonade

I was served a delightfully refreshing lemonade which I later learned they added a spritz to. It made all the difference and I’ll need all my lemonades like that for the remainder of the summer. My friend ordered the beet wine which we had both heard great things about and luckily, lived up to her expectations.

Maimonide Pizza MOB Iron Man MOB

Since the flatbreads are the thing to do here, we ordered the Pizza MOB and Iron Man MOB. They brought them out on their signature dish plates which I absolutely adored. It’s a great set up for eating for two and even leaves room for parties to share as much as they’d like. The Pizza MOB consisted of cashew cheese, spinach, some pesto, roasted tomatoes and parmesan made from walnuts. The pizza itself, while flavorful, tasted somewhat soggy with the amount of toppings that made it come together. I couldn’t tell much of a difference in the cheese, and even the consistency could give fresh mozzarella a run for it’s money. I also couldn’t help but feel like I was eating healthy but it’s pizza after all. I will say that having a flatbread was a better food choice based on what my stomach was really craving that day.

While I didn’t indulge in the Iron Man pizza, it looked and smelled scrumptious. Both pizza’s however, were too much for both of us to handle and we had to depart without being able to finish them in their entirety. That makes it a great place to go to with friends and just dig in to your hearts content.

Maya Restaurant Margarita

Mayas had always been a spot I noticed on my way home and finally, I made time to stop in for lunch. Friends also recently encourage me to go. So when I had to meet up with one of my favorite food friends, it was an easy decision to choose Mayas as the place for a bite.

The restaurant is true to it’s name. With Mayan accents all over the establishment it still brought a modern flair among the interior.

Maya Restaurant Margarita

We started with a Mango Margarita on the rocks, which I was a little hesitant about because the after taste of cheap tequila just kills me. However, Mayas has an amazing mixologist at their bar for lunch. Plus, they are certainly using a higher quality bottle of rum, because this was hands down one of the best margarita’s I’ve had in a while. So much so, that I returned the following week for dinner, just to order it again.  The dinner version was close but no cigar, compared to the lunch version I had prior. This is why the mixologist is key.

Maya Restaurant Shannon

The lunch menu was a place holder for possible new items to be added and I was excited to play guinea pig. I started with a Citrus Crab Cake Salad. It didn’t quite floor me but kept my palate refreshed and delighted. I had hoped for a larger portion of the crab cakes because the flavor combo was exceptional. However, once you’re out… you’re out and the citrus party is all that’s left.

Maya Restaurant Salad

From there, I moved on to the burger. I’ll admit I had high expectations for it. The combination they provided sounded really enticing but it was flat. Luckily, this item wasn’t added to the recent menu because it simply lacked character.

Maya Restaurant Burger

The sorbet was sweet, not too tart and just like the flavor requested. The portion size was appropriate. By then, I could have used another margarita.

Maya Restaurant Sorbet

Dessert Blend

The day is in your forever in your favor when you walk into Blend and you see they are having $5 Mojito’s all day!

Though I don’t normally find myself having lunch in Queens, I’m glad I didn’t pass up an invite to Blend. When in Rome, you order Mojito’s like the special calls for and you start your day on the right foot even though you didn’t have breakfast that morning. Enjoy yourself! Dine out with people who won’t judge you for drinking during lunch.


Mojito Blend

As usual, I couldn’t resist getting the Ropa Vieja off the menu. Considering Blend had a Latin flair to it, I knew i couldn’t go wrong with this option  With braised beef accompanied by rice and sweet plantains. It didn’t fail me. The combo itself, which I’m very familiar with, is one of the best combos put on a plate and served. A little bit of the pork, that has a great chew and sauce to it, with the perfectly cooked rice, and sweetness of the plantain will have you swooning. I’m sure it helped that the Mojito’s just kept coming.

Ropa Vieja Blend

The vibe at Blend is pretty laid back. The environment is full of relatively simple aesthetics that made it perfect for a quick lunch or a really casual date. However, if you would like to step it up a notch and looking for something different and a little more upscale, they also have another location called , Blend on the Water.  Just remember, the environment you choose while dining out can make or break your experience.

I ended my lunch at Blend with the Bread Pudding for dessert but wasn’t a huge fan. The ice cream was good but the pudding needed an upgrade, So you may want to opt for something else on the menu when you’re ending your time there.

Dessert Blend