Breather Credit

Let’s get real for a minute. We all face distractions in our everyday lives, from work to family obligations. So much so that there’s often little time to focus on your own state of well-being in the chaos of each day. It’s so simple to overlook how helpful getting away from it all truly is. Whether it’s to get your creative juices flowing or better brainstorm with other team members, finding a place outside of your normal routine is major. And for me, is a must. is a website and mobile app that aims to provide a “quiet space in the middle of the hustle and bustle.” It’s ideal if you’re looking for a clean spot to get out of your office, catch up on deadlines, meet with coworkers or even sneak in a power nap. With locations in major cities across the country, including Washington D.C., San Francisco and New York City, the spaces often come equipped with WiFi, festive decorations, whiteboards and conference tables.

Breather Credit

But you may be wondering, “How does it work?” See below for steps to sign up and reserve a room:

  1. Download the mobile app or visit the website
  2. Input your personal information and verify your mobile phone number
  3. Choose an available building space in your city that meets your specific needs
  4. Create your reservation by selecting the date and time you’ll need the room, as well as the duration.

When you’re ready for your reservation, head to the location, use your phone to check-in and enjoy. At the end of your reservation, your credit or debit card will be charged a rate determined by the location. Then you’re good to go. Cool concept, right?

If you’re thinking of taking a breather, I’ve got a treat for you. Click this link to apply my $45 off promo code to your account.

Last minute Father's day idea - family

Father’s Day is right around corner and you still have no idea what to get your old man and now you’re stuck looking for Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas. Whether he loves BBQ or always orders an old-fashioned, the grill master of your home, deserves something nice. It’s okay that you waited a little longer to put something together, we’ve got you covered with our last-minute Father’s Day ideas for the foodie in him (and you too).

For The Cocktail Loving Dad (who loves cigars too)

A Personalized Cigar Case and Flask

A  personalized cigar case and flask is perfect for that Dad who likes to keep his vices private. Let him do the choosing or pour in his favorite libation and best cigar. This case also triples as a lighter so Dad has everything he needs to lay back and relax after dinner on Father’s day.

The Honeywell

Take Dad off the grid and over to this basement cocktail bar in West Harlem. Full of bartenders who love what they’re doing and know how to do it well, The Honeywell is the spot to take Dad before the weekend gets too crazy and a good drink (or a few rounds) is a great gift.

Location: 3604 Broadway, New York, NY 10031

Courtesy of the Honeywell

For the Dad who’s a Chef

Chef T-Shirt

Give Dad something to wear when he’s not in the kitchen and let’s him know you’re proud of him too with this T-shirt. If you’re Dad can cook well, he’s our hero too this Father’s Day.

Ocean Prime New York

Every chef needs a day (or two off) and for Father’s Day, you’ll really want to do it in style. It’s never too last-minute to make a reservation at Ocean Prime New York where Dad can enjoy his seafood, steak and wine, all under one house.

Location: 123 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019

Last Minute Father's Day Ideas - steak

For the Dad who’s a Barbecue King

Five Piece Barbecue Grill Set

Who’s Dad doesn’t love BBQ? This five piece BBQ set is perfect for the Dad who plans to spend most of his time outdoors this summer. You can also engrave the set to gift something special for Dad.

Fette Sau

This Cafeteria style restaurant is a favorite for BBQ lovers in New York. If Dad just wants to chill out on Sunday, take him to Fette Sau for some hearty BBQ and a few rounds of beer.

Location: 354 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Last minute Father's day idea - family

For Dad who loves to Travel


It’s time you took Dad on a vacation, he deserves it. Plus the RIU always has amazing food and you could schedule the trip for anytime, just let Dad know this Father’s Day.

Last Minute Father's Day ideas - best dad ever

Streets BK

You can still go international with Dad without leaving New York by checking out Streets Brooklyn. This restaurant serves street food from all over the world and you won’t even have to leave the state.

Location: 53 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Streets BK Pain Killer

For the new Dad

Your best bud, brother or coolest cousin is about to be a Dad and shouldn’t be left out of the fun. He’ll certainly need to stay up during his work day and this coffee maker and coffee mug are about to make it that much easier for him.

Whatever you decide to get Dad, now’s the chance! Hopefully these last-minute ideas have saved the day or inspired you to do something really cool for that awesome Dad of yours that you were thinking of this Father’s Day.

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Taste of Chicago Group Trip
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Sometimes the hardest part of taking in a new experience is figuring out where to begin but the Taste of Chicago is a great start. Especially if you’re going to a city as big as Chicago you might ask yourself, what do you eat first and where to visit once you’re full? Well, with a dedicated team here at Food Before Love who’s already done the research for you, all you have to do is show up and be ready for a great time! Join us by securing your spot here.

Traveling While Hungry Chicago is for new-comers and experts of the Windy City alike. From July 6thJuly 9th, we are not only going to eat our way through the Taste of Chicago, but really get to know the entire city. Hidden gems, a cultural oasis, face-time with local restaurant owners & chefs – we have all of this planned and more. It is the perfect food-cation because you’ll be experiencing culinary delights with all of your senses – and the memories will be unforgettable. You can even find our top tips to experiencing the best out of the Taste of Chicago.

Taste of Chicago Group Trip

The best part of Traveling While Hungry with Food Before Love is sharing this experience with young-at-heart food lovers from different walks of life who love to eat as much as you do! With a flexible itinerary, there’s always something to keep you busy, but Food Before Love also has tons of recommendations for things to do on your own time. Traveling with the TWH family means you’ll always have a squad ready to explore, enjoy and experience the total beauty of the Taste of Chicago. Deposits are due by June 15th, so don’t delay! Sign up right now


Touriga Nacional

Does anyone else love wine but stick to the same few varieties because of familiarity? Well, welcome to my life! I love a chill glass of wine after a long day or to pair with dinner, but I rarely know what kind to choose outside of my usual Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon. So of course, I was super excited to join Cava Wine Importers for an intimate wine tasting and dinner at Ammos, with wines from Wine Art Estate.
The night started with a tasting of Wine Art Estate’s Plano Malagousia, a floral/fruity white wine that was light and clean on the palette. I’m a huge fan of white wines that are easy on the palette and carry a fruit like taste. This was my favorite wine of the night, due to its light and refreshing taste, making it a wine that I could have with a meal or just as a glass for pleasure. This wine was paired with the “Risi Thalasinon”, a mushroom risotto dish topped with shrimp, calamari, and fresh fish fillet. I usually don’t go for risotto’s when I am out, but this one was packed with flavor, and the seafood gave it an added touch.

Scottish Salmon
The next white wine was the Idisma Drios Assyrtiko. This one was less fruity than the Plano, but I did tastes some buts of citrus and maybe peach. I found this wine to be a bit more acidic and oak like, and I could see myself having this with a meal, but not necessarily on its own. This was paired with a small piece of Scottish salmon on top of chopped beets in a yogurt dressing. There was also some red tobiko caviar. The salmon was made perfectly, seared on top with the right amount of crunch. I felt like the salmon was a great pair with this wine.

Pink Bang
Did somebody say Rosé All Day? The 3rd wine was a Rosé by the name of Pink Bang, and this was very fitting. This was a very dry Rosé compared to the ones I am used to, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it. It still carried the fruity taste of other rosés, with a longer after taste. This was paired with a filet of lavraki fish, which was served wrapped in parchment paper with zucchini, tomatoes, and potatoes. The fish was cooked well and I felt this meal did the best job of bringing out the flavors of the wine it was paired with.

Touriga Nacional
Then it was time for the red wines, and we started with the Touriga Nacional. This was a dark red wine that was surprisingly light in flavor and aroma. This red had a lasting after taste, but was also a red wine that I could drink casually when in the mood to channel my inner Olivia Pope. This red was paired with a dish called Saganaki, which was a friend piece of graviera cheese served in a skillet, which they poured brandy over and set on fire right in front of you. I’m not a huge fan of brandy so that flavor on the cheese through me off, however the actual fried cheese was love.
The last wine of the night was Nebbio, made from Nebbiolo grapes. This red was also a light and airy red wine, which is my favorite kind of red. This was a full-bodied wine, and I tasted bits of plum while I drank. It was paired with slow roasted whole piglet, on top of oregano fries. The oregano fried was delicious and crispy, and the perfect food to end the night on. The piglet was super flavorful but the oil from the piglet made some of the fries underneath a bit soggy, so I would’ve preferred the roasted pork to be on the side of the fries, as opposed to on top.


Nevertheless, this was a great selection of wine, paired wonderfully with some amazing Greek fare. My favorite wine of the night would have to be the Plano, although the Rosé and Nebbio were both close seconds. Check out for more information on these great wines.

Common Foods Video

Believe it or not, there are tons of common (and not so common) foods that you have probably been pronouncing incorrectly for years. Is it see-tan or say-tan? Is the ‘g’ in gnocchi silent? Do you pronounce caipirinha like piranha? These are just a few questions you’ve probably had while out dining. Spelling can be a bit deceiving, so it makes sense that we have all fallen victim to butchering our food orders.

Let’s set the scene. You head out for a night on the town with your girls. You take a quick glance at the menu, feeling pretty confident as you ask the waiter for pho. Pronouncing it like a childhood enemy, he or she stares at you in confusion because they haven’t the slightest clue what you are talking about. We have all been there.

Mispronouncing the names of your favorite dishes is one of the biggest food faux pas a blossoming foodie can make. But you shouldn’t feel ashamed. And that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting with new menu items. You never want to be too timid to ask for a platter just because you don’t want to say the wrong thing. Life is all about giving anything a try at least once.

That’s why we have taken the guesswork out for you and tracked down a couple of those tricky foods you just can’t seem to say right. With the help of our friend Malandra, the Vegan Diva, you’ll be able to order any item off of the menu and not feel intimidated. Our common foods guide is setting the record straight once and for all.

Four Foods You’re Pronouncing Incorrectly:

  • Pho – A delicious Vietnamese soup with noodles, cilantro and meat

  • Seitan – A soy-bean based meat for vegetarians and vegans

  • Gnocchi – Soft balls of dough

  • Caipirinha – A sweet Brazilian drink you can order right along with your mojitos and margaritas.


Kosher Food and Wine Expo Wine bottles

It’s been over a month since the Kosher Food & Wine Expo but I came across a few products that are still on my mind. In order for an item to be Kosher, it has to be prepared or simply satisfy the requirements of the Jewish Law. A lot of the products were only actually available at Kosher wine and spirit shops but there was such a variety that it would be impossible for it to be just limited to that.

Kosher Food and Wine Expo Wine bottles
Photography Coverage Provided By: KOLIN MENDEZ PHOTOGRAPHY | © kmendezPHOTOS – 2017 –
Kosher Food and Wine Expo Guest
Photography Coverage Provided By: KOLIN MENDEZ PHOTOGRAPHY | © kmendezPHOTOS – 2017 –

The event was hosted at Chelsea Piers and the check in process was extremely seamless and organized. We were greeted with custom wine glasses which wouldn’t be empty for long. Over 400 wine and spirits would be awaiting us so it’s safe to say the event producers, Royal wine, out did themselves. As we approach passover, the demand for Kosher Wines will be increasing and with products ranging from $6 a bottle to $250 – there was something at the Kosher Food and Wine Expo for everyone.

Kosher Food and Wine Expo Glasses
Photography Coverage Provided By: KOLIN MENDEZ PHOTOGRAPHY | © kmendezPHOTOS – 2017 –
Kosher Food and Wine Expo Chef
Photography Coverage Provided By: KOLIN MENDEZ PHOTOGRAPHY | © kmendezPHOTOS – 2017 –

The room was broken down into two parts. At least 60% of the room was filled with wine and spirits vendors and the other half was the gourmet fare. As much as there was a wide range of wines available, there were also many conversations going on amongst owners, sommeliers and distributors. From lychee flavored wine to spice whiskeys, each table offered something interesting and multiple variations as well.

Kosher Food and Wine Expo Chocolate Liqueur
Photography Coverage Provided By: KOLIN MENDEZ PHOTOGRAPHY | © kmendezPHOTOS – 2017 –
Kosher Food and Wine Expo Buzz Balls
Photography Coverage Provided By: KOLIN MENDEZ PHOTOGRAPHY | © kmendezPHOTOS – 2017 –

I recently tried a product called buzz balls which is a small packaged punch you can likely get at your local liquor store. What I learned at the Kosher Food and Wine expo was that this delicious product came in a ton of flavors and are perfect for events and hosting guest. The packaging makes it so the product floats so it’s perfect for pool parties and BBQ events which are hosted outdoors. As the industry is changing, the Kosher Food and Wine expo really gives a space for these business’s to showcase what’s next in our world.

Kosher Food and Wine Expo Food Table
Photography Coverage Provided By: KOLIN MENDEZ PHOTOGRAPHY | © kmendezPHOTOS – 2017 –
Kosher Food and Wine Expo Wandering Que
Photography Coverage Provided By: KOLIN MENDEZ PHOTOGRAPHY | © kmendezPHOTOS – 2017 –

There were also multiple food spreads and chefs live in action. Our friends Wandering Que who won last year’s Brisket King were also showing off multiple dishes. They had a meat based brittle that tasted like the sweetest candy.

Kosher Food and Wine Expo Meatball
Photography Coverage Provided By: KOLIN MENDEZ PHOTOGRAPHY | © kmendezPHOTOS – 2017 –
Kosher Food and Wine Expo Vendor
Photography Coverage Provided By: KOLIN MENDEZ PHOTOGRAPHY | © kmendezPHOTOS – 2017 –

The highlight of the expo was definitely Walders for me. Their mixologist made two of the best drinks I had all afternoon. Their mixers were so good that I ended up leaving the event after having them because I didn’t want to ruin the experience for myself. I look forward to being back next year.

Kosher Food and Wine Expo Mixologist
Photography Coverage Provided By: KOLIN MENDEZ PHOTOGRAPHY | © kmendezPHOTOS – 2017 –
Kosher Food and Wine Expo Walders
Photography Coverage Provided By: KOLIN MENDEZ PHOTOGRAPHY | © kmendezPHOTOS – 2017 –