10 Below Mo Mango Ice cream

With an overload of summer food trends and a serious addiction to ice cream, I wasn’t sure how I was gonna go into the Fall trying to live a healthy lifestyle. When I’m in the gym, I often think about the food I regret having over the weekend no matter how great they were. How could you not when you’re melting under your trainers orders?

I’m a huge believer in eating the things that you want, when you want them. When I came across this rant about the five things Sanaa wished she ate this summer, I couldn’t help but think of all the things I did eat. There’s still a few things left on my to eat list before Fall is really here but here are the few things I ate with no regrets.

Don’t mind my new obsession of hands shots. All the cool kids are doing it. 

Morgenstern Buttermilk Balsamic Strawberry ice cream

1. Buttermilk Basil Strawberry Ice cream from Morgenstern’s

I was suppose to be at a speak easy but the sun was blaring! I decided to take a stroll down Bowery to cool off at Morgenstern’s. Well known for their coconut ash ice cream, I was overwhelmed by the other delicious sounding options on their menu. Being the strawberry ice cream lover that I am, I couldn’t resist the words buttermilk and the cashier even let me do a taste test. It was better than the bourbon vanilla so I went for it. Little did I know, that the balsamic wasn’t included in the taste I had and I was in for a treat. This was the best ice cream I had all summer. I ordered it on a cake cone, and they dripped the balsamic liquid over it before serving. This made it tart but sweet and also perfect. Morgenstien’s is worth the line and the ice cream there is more than a summer food trend.


2. Wowfulls at Smorgasburg

If you haven’t had a egg waffle yet, you should. They’re  fun to look at and you can stuff it with anything! Must be why Wowfulls has the one of the longest lines at Smorgasburg because this is what instagram post are made of. I tried the chocolate Wowfull stuffed with vanilla ice cream, topped with Orea cookie crumbs and banana pocky. Pocky doesn’t taste like much but it’s all for show. Powdered sugar is also sprinkled on top but note that this sweet treat is made for two. The best part of it all is that you can customize your Wowfull and then dig in!

Maven Cocktails

3. Maven Cocktails

Now it’s definitely been on trend this summer to have wine in a box – to go style. I’m not talking about the cheap box wine that your friend decided to bring to the housewarming either. Maven Cocktails has a similar to go style because it’s wine, without the wine glass, and instead, inside a frosted single serve glass bottle. Yes, make it classy. The delight about this wine, is that they add vodka and it’s only offered in a few places around NYC currently. Find out where. Don’t be fooled, you probably can’t walk out of those places with this drink but I was at a special event so I did. The bottle is super resusable and just a stylish new way to get your drink

10 Below Mo Mango Ice cream

4. Mo’ Money Mo’ Mango from 10 Below Ice cream

Perhaps I only cared about ice cream and it was my personal summer trend but 10 below is also making the list. I had already tried rolled ice cream at Vendy Plaza so I wasn’t too crazy about the experience of seeing them make it but I was here for the flavors. The Mo’ Money, Mo’ Mango also has strawberries in the mix, then I topped it with more strawberries and fruity pebbles. Gluttony at it’s finest for my sweet tooth. The entire thing tasted like breakfast cereal. I tried my friend’s who ordered something completely different, with no cereal toppings and felt the same way about his. It was nostalgic and fun to bite into. They were also generous with the toppings and it didn’t take as long as I heard it would.

Sounds like I want to eat ice cream and cocktails forever and I’m okay with that but at least I have no summer food regrets! What did you eat this summer that you don’t regret? Leave me a comment below!

mikey likes it ice cream

If you follow me on twitter, you know how much I love ice cream but Mikey Likes It Ice cream ?.Like the obsession is serious. So much so, that I went to try Mikey Likes It Ice Cream twice in a week in the Lower East Side. What I liked most, aside from this being a black owned business, and the fact that Mikey has an incredible story, is that the flavors are consistently changing.

Mikey Likes It has the funkiest clock on the wall with the faces of people whom past flavors were based on but the “regular” menu is nothing close to average. This is a taste buds party. What really gets people going though are the waffle sandwiches that they make on sight to go with your ice cream. I opted for the red velvet waffle, but they have blue velvet as well. My first time here, I indulged in a classic flavor, the pretty in pink but on my second trip, tried the flavor of the month. The servers here are also very sweet, even when overwhelmed and they let you try some flavors! If you like ice cream, you’ll love Mikey’s.


mikey likes it ice cream
Courtesy of Yelp
Coco Rau Display

CocoRau Food Tasting

Absolutely amazing is the best way to describe CocoRau! It was love at first bite. The bold, authentic flavors, and great ingredients blew me away. These chocolate treats are organic, healthy, and local. It’s a complete win in my book.

Konstanze greeted me at the shop and I was offered a cup of tea. The shop was lively, warm, and full of laughter. I gulped down the tea and headed to the table of chocolates. There were four different flavors and each was named after a mantra. First, I grabbed the Samadhi Orange Bliss flavor because orange and chocolate sounds amazingly interesting. I was pleasantly surprised by the delicate hint of orange. Each flavor was unique and wonderful. Once I was done stuffing my face sampling the chocolate I decided that Turiya Espresso is my favorite flavor. It was so good that I had to take a power bite home. I definitely enjoyed the CocoRau Valentine’s Event and if my future lover is out there two bags of CocoRau Espresso Power Bites for Valentine’s Day will make me the happiest girl in the world.

Delicious treats, wholesome ingredients, and a great team had made me a lover of CocoRau!


CocoRau Display


lady lexi sweets cupcakes

I had the lovely opportunity to attend Lady Lexis’ Sweets food tasting. The experience was great and the desserts were awesome. Just check out some of the desserts I sampled.


These were hands down the best apple tarts I’ve ever tasted. The touch of sweetness with cinnamon and a perfectly flaky crust made for an exceptional apple tart. I took about four of this home and finished them all in one day. That’s how good they were.

 Cappuccino Chocolate Chip Muffin

I loved the light texture of this muffin. The flavors blended well together, although I wished more of the cappuccino flavor came through. Overall, I enjoyed this beautiful breakfast muffin. The next day I had this muffin with a cup of vanilla almond milk and it was heaven.

carrot cake

Lady Lexis manages to nail the perfect texture on all of her desserts and the carrot cake is no exception. The frosting was a fluffy consistency, which paired well with the fluffy cake. As a carrot cake lover, I would have loved for a bolder flavor with this cake.

I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture of the ginger snaps but they were also delicious! These ginger snap cookies weren’t the traditional tough ginger snaps. Much to my pleasant surprise they were slightly chewy. The flavor and texture of these cookies were amazing.

.photo 4


After a break and two glasses of water I prepped myself for the beloved red velvet cupcakes. These cupcakes were again, just amazing. The frosting was piled high, the texture was light, and the flavors balanced perfectly.

Overall, the tasting went well. The apple tart and cappuccino chocolate chip muffins were my favorites. I would definitely visit Lady Lexis Sweets again.

lady sweets

Magnolia Ice cream

This post is about Ice cream. But not just any old ice cream, it’s about Magnolia Ice cream.

I got invited to a tasting for Magnolia Ice cream at the We Work Space downtown. I was greeted by a new necklace, lychee martinis and an array of different ice creams. The martini’s tasted like water and vodka but who complains about free drinks? Everyone seemed to be having a good time and the place got filled up quickly. The line for the ice cream was pretty long but we got on it about four times each so we obviously didn’t seem to mind.

Magnolia Ice cream

That’s because Magnolia makes fun flavors from natural products with 0 trans fat. I was really interested in what these would taste like especially since they offered avocado, lychee, purple yam, and red bean popsicles amongst others. I was nervous to try the Purple Yam but it was surprisingly very good.  It actually had a nutty and smoky flavor to it. My mind was just promising that this would have a grape flavor but of course, it was just playing tricks!

Magnolia Purple Yam Ice cream

The Avocado ice cream tasted interesting as well. I personally don’t even like avocados but this was great ice cream. It had a strong avocado flavor too but it was still sweet and buttery. The red bean bar was really grainy and pasty. Although it wasn’t my favorite, the flavor was very authentic as all the products were.

Magnolia Avocado Ice cream

The highlight of the evening was the Mango ice cream. Jesus. This pint of deliciousness tasted like we were eating real mangos right at the event. You can only imagine how excited I was to win the raffle and take home 5 flavors for myself.  I also got a cute Magnolia t-shirt and ice cream scooper. It was a lucky night!

Magnolia Mango Ice cream

Thank you again Magnolia for the experience and the great flavors we got to try! Visit their site to find out where you can buy these for yourself!

“Born in the tropics, enjoyed everywhere”

Justice Sweets Nutella Explosion

Cupcakes & Cocktails hosted by Justice Sweets was a night of unlimited cupcakes and unlimited drinks for about three hours. Justice Sweets had an entire layout of 12 different cupcakes that I couldn’t wait to try. I started with the island love, which definitely ranked in my top 3 best tasting cupcake of the evening. The cupcake was described as a “sweet guava cupcake with a passion fruit cream cheese frosting”. The frosting was very tart but meshed perfectly with this delicious cupcake. It literally made me close my eyes in satisfaction and I don’t know about you, but that’s the kind of cupcake I want to have all the time.

On to their infamous red velvet cupcake though, I felt the cupcake frosting was very thick and the cupcake itself could almost be considered heavy. It was very, very popular amongst the guests, which is commendable because not everyone can pull off a red velvet cupcake. The Pink lemonade cupcake came with a jolly rancher-like frosting. It truly reminded me of candy but I did feel the cupcake itself lacked moisture.

Justice Sweets Red velvet

Immediately after that, I fell in love. Justice Sweets made my week when I tried the Nutella Explosion cupcake. It was also a crowd favorite and falls at number one in my top 3 list. There’s something about how when something is so good, you just can’t describe it.  I almost ate this same cupcake for the rest of the night but I realized I had 6 more cupcakes to get through.

Justice Sweets Nutella Explosion

For those who know Ms. Justice Sweets personally, know that Martine is a beer girl at heart. So please excuse my high expectations for her version of a blue moon in a cupcake. The orange peel above was a great touch and the cupcake itself was true to its purpose. It’s awesome when you know a baker’s vision and they successfully translate that in what they make, and that was done!

Martine Edmond

Now I don’t know if the woman is just heavy-handed or was trying to get someone drunk, but the Honey Wasted Cupcake was strong. The cupcake itself was a vanilla cake infused with Honey jacked and topped with a light honey vanilla cream. As soon as you bite into it, the smoky air of the Jack Daniel’s floods your taste buds. It was really yummy though and a favorite amongst some guests.

I was actually expecting a similar experience with the Hennessy Cupcake, which was a Vanilla cake infused with Hennessy and topped with Hennessy and cranberry frosting. This cupcake was much lighter on the alcohol end and the sweet frosting was genius. Sticking the liquor theme here, Justice Sweets provided the Morning Glow cupcake, which was a Patron Tequila Sunrise cupcake. The colors were so cute on this one but I actually didn’t taste any patron. Maybe I had one too many cocktails?

Justice Sweets

The Mango Mojito Cupcake was your typical tasty cupcake which some may think was disappointing because I didn’t really get the flavors she aimed for but I was pleasantly enjoying this one. It was just a good cupcake and sometimes that’s all you need.

Last but certainly not least, was the Bad Boy. This is a cupcake that people wouldn’t stop coming up to me about! Ciroc Pineapple cupcake filled, I’ll say that again, filled with crushed pineapples. The frosting on this bad boy blended very well with the cake and I appreciated that it was a soft contrast to the other dominant flavors. The pineapples were very prominent in the cupcake and it was no question as to why this was a favorite.

Justice Sweets has went on and added the nutella explosion, the bad boy, hennesin, pink lemonade, and the island love cupcake to their current menu so again, please don’t hesitate to try them out.


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