Cascabel Taqueria

Yes, I thought about Cascabel Taqueria just about everyday now solely off the strength that the fried blue crab here with corn was so ridiculously delicious that I can’t keep my mind off of it.

Cascabel Taqueria on the Upper East Side is LOVELY. The place was packed inside and out when we arrived, so I recommend making a reservation if you can. Then, as soon as you sit down, order a drink! They have about 5 different ones here for brunch and you can switch them out as you wish!

sangria cascabel taqueria

Back to this party in my mouth though hosted by this blue crab, corn, fresh salsa and pepper aioli! If you love crab, come try this decadence! It was so well fried but happened to be so soft in the middle, almost too good to be true! Then the aioli was drop dead amazing; I couldn’t help but dip the crab back in it every time. Heavenly!

Blue Crab Pepper Aoli Cascabel Taqueria











Seriously, how do you follow that up?

My solution was to keep drinking!

This is a place for a Lush like myself. And I got to try all my drinks with these amazing pancakes. I love goat cheese, strangely so. For some reason this went perfectly with the pancakes and the crispy bacon that was provided had me leaving a happy camper.

Pancakes Cascabel Taqueria











Even though it felt like I ordered a lot, the portions here were super decent and it allows you to eat more than you normally would. It’s a cute two-person spot or small group of friends looking to enjoy Sunday fun day.


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  1. Margery
    August 27, 2014 at 4:18 am

    I bow down humbly in the presence of such grsnatees.

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