At Food Before Love, food is life.

Everything we do revolves around it. From business deals and milestones, to far too many memories to name. Food tells our story. We care about the story it tells. In 2012, Food Before Love was birthed out of the desire to create a space for New York food lovers to find their next best culinary experience and, ultimately tell the layered story to tastebuds around the world. Now, Food Before Love has grown into a platform that celebrates food in all its many forms in cities across the globe. So, if you’re foodie that loves to travel, try new recipes, or stay up to date on the latest industry news, this is the place for you!

About Food Before Love

About the Chief Eating Officer.

Whether it’s developing hospitality’s best brands through digital marketing, events or being responsible for driving the business results of numerous companies, Cassandra Rosario keeps food at the heart of everything she does. Currently she’s the founder and CEO of The Rosario Group, a hospitality and consulting firm based out of NYC. Food Before Love has been her platform to connect with food lovers and introduce them to the culinary experiences life is made of.

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