Visiting 660 Anglers again

Remember your first time in Miami … Or the first time you had Sex on the Beach ?

And by sex, I mean eating in South Beach.

I remember. It was so good that I went back to 660 Anglers to do it again, just one more time. But this time around, it was a weekday so I didn’t have the luxury of enjoying brunch. Now that I think about it, it was more like foreplay.  Lunch by the beach, no mimosas but Sangria to make you feel nice and mojito’s to put you over the edge. I could get used to this.


My health conscious friends decided to get the chicken parrilla sandwich which is served on ciabatta bread. They didn’t want their bread so I ate a piece or two and it was amazing. Why didn’t I get this sandwich? And it had bacon, too. Yes honey! But I opted for the fish tempura wrap. Yummy, but too much food, I probably shouldn’t have gone to fat Tuesdays first.

Drinks 660 Anglers

I specifically enjoyed the cucumber in the wrap. I don’t like cucumbers at all. But it made what could have been a heavy wrap, extremely fresh and summer like. I’ve said this before, but I’l say it again, You haven’t really been to Miami until you go to 660 Anglers.



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