Plonk Wine Club

With my recent intrigue of wines, I eagerly anticipated my first shipment of organic wines from Plonk Wine Club. Offering a wide range of wines from different regions, Plonk Wine Club curates, on a monthly basis, a small batch of boutique wines. My first order was a mixed box, which consisted of a red and white wine were delivered directly to my home. I found this to be a great way to learn more about wines, be exposed to new wines, and I was very interested in the other bonuses Plonk offers in their wine subscriptions.

Plonk Wine Club Overhead

You can also choose to gift a subscription to the friend, family member, or coworker. Yes, they deliver to the office too! When first opening the package, I found that my wine tasting notes were waiting for me. This informed me on the wines I was receiving, as well as, where they are from. To my delight it also mentioned what foods they are best paired with.

When ordering a subscription, you can indulge in a box full of red wine, full of white wine or a mixed case. You can order 2,4 or even up to 12 bottles, starting at $54.99 a month. It’s less when you order for longer periods of time. The red wine in my order was Ouled Thaleb Signature from Zenate, Morocco. It was a 2013 wine. My tasting notes said it was best paired with eggplant, shredded beef and even lamb merguez sausages. I ended up enjoying it with brie cheese at a gathering and it was fascinating. The wine was earthy, fresh and had an herbal like finish.

Plonk Wine Club

The second bottle, was Madeleine ‘ Arsouille Chenin Blanc, a 2015 wine. It was from Monterey, Central Coat, California. I wasn’t able to pair this wine during the tasting I hosted with. However,  it made my eyes widen to find that it was best paired with creamy chicken curry. Plonk also offers the full recipes to their pairings on their website.

Madeleine Wine Plonk Club

Plonk Wine Club also gifted me with a custom wine opener. It was easy to host with new wines and have an opener handy. I think this is a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day and now you can get $10 off all orders when you use VDAY2017 on Plonk’s website.

If a friend has a birthday coming up or if you to want to learn more about wines, consider starting a wine subscription with Plonk Wine Club.

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Revolution Tacos Korean Short Rib

In my latest trip to Philadelphia, I was on the hunt for the best tacos and came across Revolution Tacos. It was a close walk from my hotel, so I figured why not go check it out? It was early afternoon and I walked in anticipating a long line. There were only a few people ahead of me so I was beyond pleased. After all, my stomach was begging for some grub.

What I loved about the menu, was that they weren’t afraid to play around with ingredients. From cauliflower tacos, to braised pork ribs and duck confit, my eyes widened over the options. Revolution Tacos also offers burritos, empanadas and rice bowls so there’s defintely something for everyone. Before I ordered my two tacos, I had to get a jarrito. Jarritos are popular Mexican sodas and they pack a punch in flavor. It was so refreshing to kick back and wait for my order with my jarrito in hand.

Revolution Tacos Jarrito's

Finally, the Korean short rib and Chipotle BBQ brisket tacos were ready for me and my sweetheart. Because we ordered two tacos each, it was perfect to mix and match without having to share. The short rib was lathered in the aoli sauce. It didn’t cause for a mess and it was sticky against the tortilla. The meat was tender and paired well with the freshness of the cilantro sprinkled over it.

Revolution Tacos Korean Short Rib

However, the Chipotle BBQ Brisket tacos stole the show. I’m not a huge fan of slaw but the crunchiness of it, with the heat of the jalapenos, just made it a bite worth bragging about. There was an additional crunchy texture brought to the table by the crispy shallots. This diminished the original qualities the shallots would normally have, which I’m not a huge fan of. It was instead replaced for texture and allowed the other flavors to blossom. Revolution Tacos had to have served me one of the best tacos I’ve ever had. The chicken was also dipped in a sauce that served up a kick and it was a happy marriage in between the tortilla. I plan to return again.

Revolution Tacos Chipotle BBQ Brisket

Common Foods you're pronouncing wrong

There are plenty of common foods you’re pronouncing wrong. How common is it, to go out and not understand what’s on your menu? Let alone, how to say it. Too often, we get intimidated by our menu options and miss out on the experiences set in front of us. We also are hesitant to teach others the proper way to say things and it’s time to end the vicious cycle.

That’s why we sat down with Cliff of Culinary Cliff LLC to tackle a few words with you. Cliff brings to light some of our favorite words that we’re currently pronouncing wrong. So now you can order off any menu like a boss because you’ll be better educated after watching this video.

Fresh& Co Adobo Chicken

As a busy entrepreneur, I’m always looking for on the go eats like Fresh & Co. One of the things I love most about this brand, is that they’re all over New York City so I’m never too far away. I recently discovered that they have their own app. Lucky for me, they sent me $10 for my birthday and I couldn’t wait to redeem it. I’m somewhat of a regular at Fresh & Co. so I’m here for all the perks they offer.

Fresh & Co Ingredients
My usual order is the Tex Mex bowl. It comes with a spicy tex mex sauce, fresh avocado, melted cheese, beans, pico de gallo and fresh kale. You also have the choice of quinoa or rice and I almost always choose quinoa. Not sure how to properly say Quinoa? Watch my video here. I love how good I feel after I have this dish, and love how filling it is as well.

Fresh& Co Adobo Chicken

The Fresh & Co staff are extremely sweet and work efficiently. You can always count on them to adjust the heat in your dish and make great recommendations for proteins. The adobo chicken is my go to which they layer over the bowl. There are other options but I was told tthe adobo chicken is the best, and it’s the most affordable.

Fresh & Co Tea
You can grab iced teas at Fresh & Co. too. But I try to grab a red jacket with my meal if the location is offering it. Every location can be a little different but the food is always great. I never run into too long of a line and there’s always plenty of seating. The packaging is perfect for taking your order with you. It keeps the food warm and maintains the taste. Next time you’re feeling healthy and don’t want to compromise on flavor, choose Fresh & Co.

Fresh & Co Tex Mex Bowl

3 must try restaurants
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After traveling to Chicago, Atlanta and Miami, I came across these 3 must try restaurants. It’s hard enough finding a great place to eat when you’re traveling but we’ve made it easy.

Pull out your pen and paper and start taking notes because you don’t want to be traveling while hungry and miss these locations.

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3 must try restaurants

Randolph Beer Brooklyn Dish

Brunch is extremely popular at Randolph Beer in Brooklyn and I was ready to find out why. Getting an earlier reservation was the best idea I had all weekend because mid-meal, the line was out the door. The vibe at Randolph Beer is down to earth, a little eclectic, and fun. I’m here for fun vibes over brunch. Since it was only a party of two, we were seated at a high table which I hated. The table seemed far two small for us both and our food but now I know to come with a party of 3 or more. This wasn’t going to stop the fun, as I ordered a $25 pitcher of their Strawberry Cucumber Fizz.

Randolph Beer Brooklyn Guest

I was being ambitious for ordering this pitcher but it was refreshing and packed a punch. I loved that the restaurant wasn’t too loud and everyone seemed to be having their own things going on, despite how busy it was. Since I arrived with an appetite, I ordered the breakfast nachos. The nachos came with sharp cheddar & jack cheese, baked eggs, black beans, ranchero sauce and pulled pork. This meal was hearty and I was unprepared.

Randolph Beer Brooklyn Pitcher

Randolph Beer Brooklyn Breakfast Nacho

There’s nothing like picking up the perfect chip with all the toppings and taste that combination. It must have been what the chef intended when he created this dish and it was exactly what I got. The breakfast nachos are great for friends who want to share. It can overwhelming trying to tackle the meal alone and even more so if you’re making it through a pitcher. My friend ordered the pulled pork Benedict which was accompanied by a perfect batch of waffle fries. This should be the next brunch experience you put on your to eat list.

Randolph Beer Brooklyn Eggs Benedict