Organized Desk

It’s about time my work space had a little makeover. Nine times out of ten when my mind is cluttered, my desk is likely to be as well.

Huge problem.

I knew I wanted to organize my desk but what was super important for me this time around, was that I wanted to customize it. We all fall victim to comparison and there are a lot of other bloggers and entrepreneurs out there with perfect looking office spaces, as if no one is getting any work done on them because they’re just too beautiful. This wasn’t going to be me ever but I was determined to add my own personal touch to my work space that equally inspired me to stay on brand and gave me clarity. 
I wanted to find accents for my desk that were a lot simpler to find and a lot more realistic for me financially. I started to think about what do I use on a weekly basis at my desk to either be productive or stay inspired. I already had a cork-board on my wall with photos of my loved ones but I didn’t have any photos that inspired me to eat, or think about food. It was important for me to have food references throughout my work space so as I began to declutter, I started to think about what that would look like. 

Tip 1: Start to think about what your ideal desk will look like and start small

The next thing I did was declutter. All of the papers and documents that were just kicking up dust, had to be filed immediately. After all, they were taking up room that I could be using for my new reads. I already had a beautiful wine glass, boxed up at my desk so I decided to toss the box and let it shine. I also removed anything I hadn’t used in the past three months or didn’t pay attention to. I love hoarding post it notes and I realized those were piling up as well. To give myself a reason to use them, I ordered burger inspired notes from Zazzle and customized them with my logo. Now I felt inspired to to make use of my work space, instead of using it as storage space.
Burger Post it Note

Tip 2: Make room for inspiration. File old documents, remove the things you don’t use.

My desk was starting to look a bit empty so I looked at the things I had kept and decided to repurpose them. I added fake flowers from the dollar store to a vase I wasn’t using and covered my pen holder with sushi wrapping paper I had laying around. It was starting to look like a food bloggers desk now but some things were still missing. Since I was already on Zazzle for one thing, why not customize my desk a little more? There was a frame I wasn’t using at my desk, so I filled with a NOM poster that really brought it’s section to life. I wanted to fill my desk with colors but not be overbearing and having a black and white photo really pulled that together. It also was going to remind me to have lunch on those days when I’m working too hard and forget. This is also made it so I wasn’t spending too much money to makeover my work space. I was really just adding small touches that made me feel like I had. 
Organized Desk

Tip 3: Repurpose the things you already have to fit your current needs.

The last thing I did was replace the reads on my desk. I keep a small library nearby my work space but always have my current reads non my desk. The problem was that I was keeping books I already read closer to me than the ones I wanted to get to. One I replaced those, the only thing that was really missing was a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and for that, I needed a new mug! It was the final touch Zazzle could provide and they had an array of items I felt inspired by. Good things come to those who hustle spoke to me the most and now, it had made my desk complete.

Hustle Mug

Tip 4: Make your workspace your own. Add the things that define YOU and inspire you to succeed.

There was even a taco expert button I added to make my work space, really feel mine. I am a taco snob after all. The best part though, was that I was able to do all of this for UNDER $50 and now my desk is clear, organized and basically Instagram worthy. I hope to add some new things to it in the near future. But tell me, what are your custom work space hacks that keep you organized and inspired?
*I received a gift card to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own*
Cartagena Colombia Group Travel

Get your passport ready because the next stop on the Traveling While Hungry Series is Cartagena, Colombia.

The dates are January 19th – 23rd so start to request those days off. Hosted at “Hotel Caribe” with the beautiful beach as your backdrop, there will be so much to do.

Relax or Party. Wake up, swim, drink, sun bathe, spa, explore dance, and eat to your hearts content, then do it again the next day. And of course, we’re putting together activities to bring you together with new friends and old!

Hotel Caribe

Pricing starts at $900

Packages Include:

  • Luxurious Double Superior Room for 5 days and 4 nights
  • Admission to the ‘Welcome to Cartagena” dinner
  • Admission to an exclusive Cartagena Cooking class experience
  • Access to the *hands on* Chocolate Making workshop
  • Access to the Street Market Tour (inclusive of food samples from numerous vendors)
  • Start your day with a complimentary breakfast DAILY!
  • Roundtrip Airport Transfers (to/from Rafael Núñez International Airport)
  • Roundtrip transfers to all off-site events mentioned
  • Must Eat Cheat Sheet Guide to local eateries & hotspots in Cartagena
  • Wi-Fi
  • *All taxes and fees included
  •  **Based on Double Occupancy

**Flights are NOT included**
Payment Details  
A deposit of US $75 per person is required to secure your booking – By November 1st, 2016
Balance due in 4 installments on or before December 12th, 2016.

Want to visit Colombia?!

It’s almost time to pack your bags so don’t miss out and reserve your spot today.

New Orleans School of Cooking

It wasn’t my first time at the Rodeo, considering I had been to New Orleans before. On my last trip, I stayed for 5 days and literally only ate and slept. It was a dream come true.

Being that I love living out of my suitcase, I was really inspired to start the #travelingwhilehungry series. It felt important to provide a space for other travels who love food as much as I do, and were looking for partners in crime. It was also created for those who do enjoy traveling but just aren’t sure where or how to seek the best food experience that city or country of interest, might have to offer. That 5 day hoorah to New Orleans made it impossible for me to choose anywhere else to be our first stop.Travel contents

This time around, instead of staying at a hotel, we all stayed in a shot gun style house via AirBnb. This is a traditional New Orlean’s style home which had two sides to it, and we rented the entire place for our guest. We had key code access all weekend so everyone visiting could come and go as they please, very important. After everyone was settled, I handed over the goodie bags that I had prepared. Each bag was packed with mardi-gra beads, a shot of bourbon, tylenol, hand sanitizer, some tums for the stomach and a thank you note. These incredible mason jar tags were the perfect touch to each bag and I was able to locate some New Orlean’s themed stickers to suit the occasion.

Goodie Bags


As a host, it’s always nice to add a special touch to your event or destination and goodie bag survival kits are a great, easy + fun idea. This is also common for destination weddings or as your typical party favors. Our first day was all about team building so we attended a cooking class at the New Orleans School of Cooking to follow. About 10 of us got together to make Gumbo, Fish with Salsa Meuniere and Pralines.

New Orleans School of Cooking


We already had a chef in the group (aside from the instructor) who was basically cooking with his eye closed but his pralines couldn’t stand a chance against mine. Throughout each course, we would sit to chat and get to know one another. We also had a ton of time to talk about food and where we would be eating next. The Chef/Instructor himself, recommended Atchafalaya which was perfect because brunch was already booked there for the following day. The Chef was also extremely nice, knowledgeable and easy to get along with.

Guest - cooking class

After the class was over, you’re welcome to shop for the seasonings you cooked with and more. You also get to take home your apron, recipes and my personal favorite, the pralines! It didn’t hurt that it was all you can drink beer and wine which was the perfect segue for our night out on Bourbon.

New Orleans School of Cooking chef

Stay tuned for more details on our Traveling While Hungry stop in New Orleans and don’t forget to sign up for the next trip.

Missed New Orleans?!

You can now grab the Must Eat Cheat Sheet for this Traveling While Hungry stop.


Blessed Cafe Restaurant

On my last trip to Puerto Rico, I was on a mission to check out the Island’s “only” Jamaican restaurant, Blessed Cafe. This seems to be the only one in the San Juan area. However, I can’t confirm if it’s truly the only one on the actual island, hence my quotation marks. Located in Old San Juan, Blessed Cafe, is on a busy street full of a lot more tourist and a lot less locals. Personally, I was intrigued by the fact that a Jamaican restaurant would be sitting the middle of this side of town.  A little jerk chicken never heard nobody.

Blessed Cafe cocktail

Blessed Cafe was relatively empty at the time but it was happy hour. They brought us to the back of the restaurant with two drinks in tow. There was definitely a rustic aesthetic to the place and my drink was great. After a long day of walking and shopping, this was a refresher. I ordered the jerk chicken, which came out lathered in sauce. I was excited to bite into the dish, especially having heard of the restaurant before.

Blessed Cafe Restaurant

It barely met my expectations. The chicken wasn’t spicy as jerk is expected to be, and even without heat, it lacked the flavors I know too well. While I’m not Jamaican, I know jerk chicken and this unfortunately, was not it. I was surprised by the lack of delicious I was looking for in both my dish and my moms. It barely even looked like the jerk chicken I know and love so I stuck with the plantains on the side. Perhaps Blessed Cafe is not a complete disappointment and there are other menu items that suit your liking but that’s for you to find out and tell me about.

Blessed Cafe Jerk Chicken

Have you ever been disappointed when you were traveling while hungry? Comment below and share your experience.