Casandra Rosario Using Social Media

A couple of people have been asking me to share more business/blog tips here. It’s definitely something I’ve struggled with for a long time. This kind of information is what I help people with over at The Rosario Group However, I realized that a lot of the food lovers here, are looking to start or grow their blogs as well.  Especially resources like Meet Edgar, which help me repurpose my content and engage with my audience better. Besides, I’m having a salad as I write this so it counts right?

Casandra Rosario Using Social Media

Meet Edgar is a social media management tool that allows you to automate your social media post. How many times do you put a blog post or something informational out into the world of social media, only to never see it again? On Meet Edgar, you can repurpose that content by putting it in your library of information. You can add a photo and/or caption and schedule it to circulate for as long as you wish.

Meet Edgar Content

You can create topics of information that you want to go into the library and fill them up with the content from your blog. In my library, I keep a log of blog post, informative information, questions and more. It makes sense to put as much information in your library as possible so that the information doesn’t repeat itself for a long time. Once it’s in there, you can assign it to the accounts you have connected to Meet Edgar.

Meet Edgar Categories

The best thing about Meet Edgar is the Queue but I’ll get to that because first, you have to build your schedule. Once you’ve decided and built on your categories, you can now drag and drop when you want them to go out. You can customize this by account and change it as often as you’d like, based on your analytics.

Once you complete your schedule, all the content will go into your Queue which basically tells you when the content is going out (according to schedule) and which piece of information it will be. It’s so easy to use! Not only can you schedule your blog post, but you can promote your next event, and even share quotes you love. The key is to automate as much as you can, so you can then focus on live engagement in that time you sparred yourself.

Meet Edgar Schedule

I need to emphasize that I am so serious about how much I love this program and how influential it is to the growth of my business. Right now, you have to apply to be invited to take part and for not much longer, the tool is $49 a month. If you’re looking to save time as a busy entrepreneur and want to maximize your productivity, try Meet Egdar out and see how it works FOR you. They’re even offering $10 off your next subscription once you try it out through our referral link here.

If you have any questions about the tool, I’m more than happy to help! Just shoot me an email at with your questions.

The Folly Ceviche

Not sure how my boyfriend came across The Folly for our lunch date but I’m glad he did. The Folly is an underground gem. You have to walk down a few steps from street level to access the entrance here. You may not spot The Folly if you’re strutting your typical NYC pace towards SoHo.

The Folly Cocktail

.The Folly gives me super sexy birthday vibes, almost burlesque. It’s covered in nautical decor with a seafood focused menu. The menu is heavy with appetizers which make you want to share. It’s the perfect after hours spot or quick mid-day bite. Since I was introduced to the pain killer cocktail back at Streets, I was curious to see how The Folly was going to compete. It turned out to be a completely different experience because The Folly serves the pain killer frozen. It had a creme look versus the purple cocktail I was served in Brooklyn. The sugar rim was just a great finish to the cocktail, which is oddly similar to a pina colada. It was also the perfect amount of frozen where you could still enjoy the drink without getting brain freeze.

Casandra Rosario The Folly

Bring on the Ceviche. Like any seafood dish, the secret is freshness, but this is particularly most important when it comes to Ceviche. The Folly is practicing this and has to be acing it every time because the layers of acidity, against the numerous textures and burst of flavors is not to be underestimated. The down side is that there are never enough chips when you order ceviche anywhere really, and that combination really makes the dish. I could sit at The Folly for hours and eat loads of their ceviche because it was so refreshing, and really woke up my tastebuds.

The Folly Ceviche

In addition to trying to the carnita’s tacos, which were amazing, I went for the sliders. If you follow on social media, you’ll know I’m a huge taco snob. Since the plates were shareable, I managed not to eat them all and make room for more. The sliders weren’t as exciting as the tacos but again, great comfort fillers when you’re looking for that quick bite on any occasion. The burgers were cooked exactly how I asked and came with the perfect buns, that’s a major key. I certainly left satisfied, with a full stomach and with intrigued because the aesthetics here just make you want to come back. Don’t hesitate to put The Folly on your To Eat List.

The Folly Sliders

Miami Finga Licking Stuffed Lobster

In my first attempt to make it to Miami Finga Licking, I failed miserable by driving 25 more minutes out of Miami to Finger Licking Caribbean restaurant. Hello disappointment. Many of you who are avid readers of my travels, know how much I love going to Miami to eat. So if I’m not at my favorite Miami brunch spot or frolicking on the beach, I’m looking for quick eats that can keep the party going.

Determined to eat at the real Miami Finga Licking, I made it my business with the help of my boyfriend, to stop by as soon as I landed. The sun had already set and it was technically on the way to South Beach so it made sense. But let me warn you that when I pulled up, the security gaurds were wearing your latest bullet proof vest which made the place look even more eery and shady than it did. I’m known to risk my life over some chicken so there was no real cause for concern but seriously? Vest? I needed to see what the hype was about.

Miami Finga Licking Mystery Drink

I was also hoping I would run into DJ Khaled since he’s one of the owners but maybe you’ll be luckier than I was on your visit. Though I could use a cocktail, I quickly ordered the mystery drink that was suggested at my table. I really wish it came with vodka but it was delicious and fun to have. It reminded me of my childhood, as the drink is colorful and fruity but didn’t have the loads of sugar I was probably drinking back then, that or I couldn’t tell. Somehow, it lasted through the entire meal and it was refreshing takeaway from the food party my tastebuds like to have.

Miami Finga Licking Wings

Previously, I had heard the chicken here was going to be majestic and although they were, I was upset no one told me how good the sides were going to be. For me, it was about having it all back to back that really made the meal. I love wings that are covered in sauce so, win. It had the perfect crunch you’re always hoping for before the bite and leaves you wanting for more but the fact that you can get two sides is what makes Miami Finga Licking the bomb. I had corn on the side, as well as, macaroni and cheese. May the church say, Amen. Everything was just right and one spoonful after the other, it all started to disappear. We also ordered the shrimp stuffed lobster which they didn’t hold back on portion wise. It’s safe to say everyone was satisfied and I can’t wait to visit Miami Finga Licking again.

Miami Finga Licking Stuffed Lobster

10 Below Mo Mango Ice cream

With an overload of summer food trends and a serious addiction to ice cream, I wasn’t sure how I was gonna go into the Fall trying to live a healthy lifestyle. When I’m in the gym, I often think about the food I regret having over the weekend no matter how great they were. How could you not when you’re melting under your trainers orders?

I’m a huge believer in eating the things that you want, when you want them. When I came across this rant about the five things Sanaa wished she ate this summer, I couldn’t help but think of all the things I did eat. There’s still a few things left on my to eat list before Fall is really here but here are the few things I ate with no regrets.

Don’t mind my new obsession of hands shots. All the cool kids are doing it. 

Morgenstern Buttermilk Balsamic Strawberry ice cream

1. Buttermilk Basil Strawberry Ice cream from Morgenstern’s

I was suppose to be at a speak easy but the sun was blaring! I decided to take a stroll down Bowery to cool off at Morgenstern’s. Well known for their coconut ash ice cream, I was overwhelmed by the other delicious sounding options on their menu. Being the strawberry ice cream lover that I am, I couldn’t resist the words buttermilk and the cashier even let me do a taste test. It was better than the bourbon vanilla so I went for it. Little did I know, that the balsamic wasn’t included in the taste I had and I was in for a treat. This was the best ice cream I had all summer. I ordered it on a cake cone, and they dripped the balsamic liquid over it before serving. This made it tart but sweet and also perfect. Morgenstien’s is worth the line and the ice cream there is more than a summer food trend.


2. Wowfulls at Smorgasburg

If you haven’t had a egg waffle yet, you should. They’re  fun to look at and you can stuff it with anything! Must be why Wowfulls has the one of the longest lines at Smorgasburg because this is what instagram post are made of. I tried the chocolate Wowfull stuffed with vanilla ice cream, topped with Orea cookie crumbs and banana pocky. Pocky doesn’t taste like much but it’s all for show. Powdered sugar is also sprinkled on top but note that this sweet treat is made for two. The best part of it all is that you can customize your Wowfull and then dig in!

Maven Cocktails

3. Maven Cocktails

Now it’s definitely been on trend this summer to have wine in a box – to go style. I’m not talking about the cheap box wine that your friend decided to bring to the housewarming either. Maven Cocktails has a similar to go style because it’s wine, without the wine glass, and instead, inside a frosted single serve glass bottle. Yes, make it classy. The delight about this wine, is that they add vodka and it’s only offered in a few places around NYC currently. Find out where. Don’t be fooled, you probably can’t walk out of those places with this drink but I was at a special event so I did. The bottle is super resusable and just a stylish new way to get your drink

10 Below Mo Mango Ice cream

4. Mo’ Money Mo’ Mango from 10 Below Ice cream

Perhaps I only cared about ice cream and it was my personal summer trend but 10 below is also making the list. I had already tried rolled ice cream at Vendy Plaza so I wasn’t too crazy about the experience of seeing them make it but I was here for the flavors. The Mo’ Money, Mo’ Mango also has strawberries in the mix, then I topped it with more strawberries and fruity pebbles. Gluttony at it’s finest for my sweet tooth. The entire thing tasted like breakfast cereal. I tried my friend’s who ordered something completely different, with no cereal toppings and felt the same way about his. It was nostalgic and fun to bite into. They were also generous with the toppings and it didn’t take as long as I heard it would.

Sounds like I want to eat ice cream and cocktails forever and I’m okay with that but at least I have no summer food regrets! What did you eat this summer that you don’t regret? Leave me a comment below!

dining with grace chef Grace

It’s not our first time Dining with Grace, as she’s invited us to have a seat at her dinner table before. At the time, Ashley of Don’t Die Afraid, was writing for us and got to see this woman *werk* in the kitchen. Finally being able to see for myself, I brought my boyfriend along to prepare his taste buds for our trip to New Orleans that’s soon approaching.

dining with grace menu

The event was hosted at Brooklyn Foodworks which functions as an incubator for food entrepreneurs. The space offers event space with seating for 30+ guest to their members and Chef Grace had the place packed. I wish the occasion was BYOB, because I was thinking about delicious wine pairings all night. But Chef Grace prepared a ginger mocktail for us that my table couldn’t get enough of. We started the night with a red beans and rice salad which was actually done inside of a lettuce wrap. I love dishes like this that are easy to eat and you can quickly make something similar at home to impress your guest.

dining with grace chef Grace

When you’re Dining with Grace, you don’t have to worry about being hungry because the woman is preparing courses. We eased into the evening with her Spicy Fried Chicken and green onion biscuit with pickles. This almost became my favorite of the evening but it was too hot for me to handle. It was also little messy but worth the bite if you could get over the heat.


Well into the second half of the evening, we all got a chance to hear from Chef Grace and some of the projects she has going on. She recently planned a trip to Martinique which actually inspired our Traveling while Hungry trip series. It was also time to get right into her Cajun style Crab & Seafood linguine. I felt this dish had a beautiful presentation but was heavy on the salted side which didn’t allow me to enjoy it all. There were decent amounts of crab in the dish which I gladly dug out to indulge in. By this time, I was ready for dessert but there was still another course to get through.

dining with grace cajun style crab seafood linguine

One of my favorite New Orleans experiences was having Gumbo almost everyday. Dining with Grace brought back those memories when she dished out her Gumbo with Okra, Spinach and Grits. I never had Gumbo with grits before but I also love grits so who was I to resist? This course was fun and I thought it really encompassed the theme of the evening, cajun and creole. Chef Grace was spot on with flavors and got to show off what a well versed chef she is.

dining with grace gumbo with okra spinach grits

The night didn’t’ end there and I had made room for dessert. Chef Grace brought out her bread pudding served with a Bourbon Vanilla ice cream. The bread pudding was soft, warm, and comforting. If you can find comfort in your meal, it’s been done correctly. Seriously, the ice cream was just a bonus on top of the amazing evening Dining with Grace. You too can plan for the next Dining with Grace experience when you purchase tickets to her next event!

dining with grace bread pudding bourbon ice cream

Jenny Craig Apron

This post was sponsored by Jenny Craig as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central, and all opinions expressed are my own.

jenny craig institute of culinaryeducation

Turns out, I won’t have to because Jenny Craig is including Chicken Street Tacos to their menu this fall, along with Butternut Squash Ravioli, a Garden Vegetable Frittata, Fiesta Chicken & Rice, and Szechuan Shrimp. If you’ve been keeping up with my instastories, then you know I’ve been trying to keep the burgers off lately and make healthier choices. So it really was a sign when I was invited to the Jenny Craig event at the Institute for Culinary Education because I love to eat with my eyes, which means I’m always eating more than I should and sometimes, more than I even want.

Jenny Craig Apron

I was delighted to be greeted at the event with my very own Jenny Craig apron which I used this week to make my Fresh and Free Additions . I love interactive experiences and it seemed like great oppurtunity to meet a few other fellow bloggers. I’ve always heard of Jenny Craig but never really got into it so when I learned their system to keep off weight was to eat 6 times a day (3 entrees & 3 snacks), my eye brows went up. I’m doing that now and not keeping any weight off so Jenny Craig, tell me your secrets!

jenny craig cooking

The secret is portion control. But even more importantly, was to make food fun. At my station, we put together a tri-color cole slaw with Jenny Craig’s salsa ranch dressing. The best part was the spiraling techniques I learned from the ICE chef. Too excited to bring one of these home, I thought to myself, How else could I make this fun? Then I learned that when you’re in the Jenny Craig program, you get assigned your very own consultant who guides you through you weight loss journey. Hello cooking tips!

jenny craig tri-color coleslaw

The best part of it all was that you don’t have to eliminate any food groups to participate. Jenny Craig’s foods actually make you feel fuller for longer with less calories that you’re probably taking in now. I know I’m guilty. Especially when I’m running around being a boss babe, there’s so little time to eat healthy but Jenny Craig’s Fresh and Free additions make it EASY to create delicious, low calorie meals that are quick. Shoot, if you want some quick inspiration, just see what Jenny Craig is cooking.

jenny craig stuffed peppers

jenny craig dessert

After the event, I was able to try some of the fall menu in my own kitchen. Yes, I made those tacos I was talking about but my favorite item is the Fiesta Chicken and Rice. Did someone say stuffed peppers? What I loved most about this dish, was that it was still very flavorful and didn’t leave me hungry. There are so many small additions in your very own kitchen that can be added to it so that it suits your liking and took so little time to make. Jenny Craig has more items on their fall menu and are even doing dessert. That’s right people, you can still indulge in cheesecake.

jenny craig chocolate cheesecake

So tell me, What eating habits are you changing this fall? Would you consider starting your journey with Jenny Craig? Let me know in the comments below.