Scion Mimosas

You have to make it your business to visit Scion in DC just for the loaded potatoes because that’s an experience worth bragging about. Scion is a bottomless brunch spot that I’ve seen people host their wedding after parties at, during regular service! Sometimes, the brunch is just too real and you have to feed those cravings. Which is exactly what I planned to do when I found myself here again.

Scion Mimosas

Fried pickles were on the menu and I’m not one to resist. If you have yet to experience fried pickles, you should make plans to visit Scion for them because they’re doing it the right way. Pickles already have a great crunch, but having them fried just adds an additional layer to the experience. The acidity of the pickle is toned down with by the fried coating but still waiting to dance across your tastebuds. At Scion, they pair it with ranch dressing but they’re good enough to eat on their own.

Scion Lobster Hash

Unable to resist the lobster hash, my boyfriend was served the loveliest looking plate. The eggs along with the all the starch from the potatoes made it for a heavy meal, not to mention, the chunks of lobster that were in between. He felt it looked better than it actually was but he did end up cleaning the plate. Must have been a little better than he leads on no?

Scion Crab Cake Benedict

In an effort to avoid getting the same dish, I went with the crab cake benedict that came with a side of potato chips. I could have went without the chips as they were over fried for me and didn’t really fit with the dish. The crab cakes however, were soft but kept up in shape on their own. I wish the dish was more filling, I found myself still wanting more food but was able to fill up on the mimosas. When all else fails I know who I can count on but maybe you’ll decide to get a dish with some more depth.