Bodega South Beach Tacos

It’s no secret that I love visiting Miami for one of my favorite places to brunch over and over again. However, on my last trip, I made it my business to check out Bodega. This funky spot is perfect for the laid back types who love great tacos and cold drinks. Also known as me, me, me and me. The food here is served out of a truck that is actually on the inside of the spot. Yeah, I mentioned it was funky.

Bodega South Beach Margarita

In addition to the dope set up, the outside seating is great for people watching and catching some rays. They even have a speakeasy type area that you can access in the evenings if you know how to get in…

Bodega South Beach Hot Sauce

It was a hot day in South Beach which called for margaritas that Bodega had on demand. Nothing like self-serve Margarita’s while you decide which tacos you want to dig into. We went for the Al Pastor, the chicken tacos, BBQ carnitas and the specials of the day. They hand you a buzzer to notify you when your food is ready so we hung out with the guacamole and chips while we waited. The guacamole couldn’t compare to the tacos as it was your typical guacamole and chips but it certainly gave us a chance to try all the hot sauces at Bodega, which are plenty.

Bodega South Beach Guacamole

Bodega South Beach Tacos

Once the tacos came out, I think the sun started shining brighter. I need to even add Bodega to the 4 places in Miami you have to try because the tacos are straight sinful. Whenever there’s a special at a place you’re going to for the first time, try it. It’s called special for a reason! I’m a super taco snob and this is because tacos can really be hit or miss and to make a great one, everything has to be right. From the softness of the tortilla, down to the sauce and the combination of flavors which Bodega has in the bag. If you’re headed to Miami or South Beach anytime soon, stop in.

Bodega South Beach Tacos

Casandra Rosario at Bodega South Beach

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