Sweet Chick Brunch

It was only right that we celebrated my brother’s birthday at Sweet Chick, because he’s something else and Sweet Chick is for the culture. I knew he would fit right in with the crowd and the menu would be his style. I had heard enough about this place, to know it’s where you want to brunch on the weekends and was ready to find out first hand.

Food Before Love Fam

The wait was about a hour but luckily, there’s enough to do Williamsburg to kill time. There was no way that I was going to another restaurant anyway and the way this place stays packed, I knew they had more than one reason to stick around. After my party of 5 got seated, we ordered spiked lemonades immediately. The seats are more like benches that you have to climb into so it’s unlikely that I’ll be bringing mom back here but friends? For sure. They also have hooks for all of your crap  things, thought it’s pretty close to the table behind you. If you’re not a snob about this, you can make it work.

Sweet Chick Berry Lemonade

The berry lemonade seemed to be a feature as they don’t host it on their every day cocktail menu. The drink was blended a little too well and I ordered another shot, just to get an extra kick. Still couldn’t taste the alcohol in it after that and I’m not even upset, they have a good ass bartender Sweet Chick and I tip my hat off to that guy/girl. Everyone could hear each other, started having a great time and in moments, preparing to dig in.

Sweet Chick Shrimp and Grits

Considering my poor eating habits where I think I can order everything I set my eyes on, I went for a biscuit, the macaroni and cheese and the shrimp and grits. I figured, when was the next time I can make it back here? Might as well try it all. My brother went for the chicken and waffles and it almost made me regret what I ordered. The chicken was the perfect amount of crispy, juicy and perfection. They know what they’re doing here and my brother was impressed. Win for me.

Sweet Chick Brunch

Out of all the things I ordered, I enjoyed the shrimp and grits the most. Not only was my plate colorful, so were the flavors. The shrimp was fresh, far from over or under done and had the right amount spice to it. The grits were also just the right amount of cheesy, without it being too runny or thick. It was a heavy meal for a woman ready to eat. I ate from almost everyone’s plate and they all enjoyed Sweet Chick probably more than they expected to. I just can’t wait to go back.

Casandra Rosario at Sweet Chick

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