La Playita Fish

La Playita Drinks

The one the most important keys to a great trip is extensive research. And by research, I mean finding out where everyone has eaten at this is worth your time, money and tastebuds. La Playita came up on my search as a by the beach resting spot for a cold drink and a good meal. I had been traveling with my mom to Puerto Rico, attempting to be tourist on land we knew better than the back of our hands. Since San Juan wasn’t a place we traveled to often, we took it on as an adventure for two.

La Playita Coco loco

Though La Playita was a on a long road, the beach awaited our arrival. There was plenty of seating for us to choose where we’d like to sit and views plus a cool breeze were in order. I didn’t want to hesitate or prolong the party any longer so I ordered the coco loco which is served in a huge coconut and taste similar to a pina colada. I got try a few other drinks there as well, but nothing really compared.

La Playita Mushroom

La Playita Ceviche

The walk it took to get us there, made us exceptionally hungry so we opted for more sides than we were ready for.┬áMom ordered a mushroom like salad with pita and I went for the fish ceviche with plantain chips. Is it just me, or they never give enough chips for ceviche? There’s nothing quite like a crisp plantain chip scooping of some of the freshest ceviche man could put together. The ceviche at La Playita could make your mouth water as you were eating it and it obvious that it was prepared with care and love. It was served at the right temperature, with the right amount of juiciness/freshness and had me looking forward to my entree.

La Playita Mofongo

While I wasn’t too fond of the mofongo I had because the textures were too hard for my liking, the chillo my mother had was our prize from the trip. Chillo, which simply means, the entire fish, was a beauty and tasted even better. It was perfectly crisp and heavy chunks of the fish were in abundance. The Mofongo happened to just be underwhelming but that wouldn’t stop me from returning to this restaurant again.

La Playita FishSan Juan