Cotta Crostini

Checking out Osteria Cotta gave me major Sotto Cinque  vibes which is good because they have since closed and I needed a place like this in my life once more. With tons of communal seating but enough room to have your own private experience, I felt comfortable to dig into this menu.

Lucky for me, they offer unlimited mimosas and sangria which will make anyone feel right at home. A great mimosa is hard to find. You can find that too much orange juice has been poured, or the champagne us too acidic to enjoy – which leads me to Osteria Cotta who knew just the right parts to make this mimosa perfection.

Cotta Mimosa

But before I got brunch drunk, I was ready to try the bruschette which you can order as an appetizer and try multiple breads if you’d like. I went for the tomato, mozzarella and basil, along with the mascarpone and clover honey with strawberries which were both the highlight of Osteria Cotta. The Mozzarella was fresh and consistent, while the mascarpone was rich and dense. I couldn’t have asked for more.

Cotta Crostini

Since the bruschette had stole to show, I wasn’t too impressed by the french toast. Perhaps I had too many sweets in my system already but the dampness of the toast and the lack of add ons I love, like fruits and compotes, didn’t help. They do however, have a wide variety of options on the menu and even pizza which I may come back just to try.

Cotta French Toast


Owls Brew Trio Set 1

Outside of Hot Toddy‘s, I never considered tea as much of a “mixer” for my cocktails. That was until I came across Owls Brew. I was initially introduced to Owls Brew at the International Restaurant & Foodservice Show in NYC, but came across them again at Brisket King. On both occasions, their Coco-Lada has won me over. However, I knew there was more to fawn over in regards to this very niche company.

Owls Brew is essentially for tea lovers who love to drink (in moderation… so they say).  But I feel the variety of teas can be a fit for anyone if they find the flavor that was meant for them. I was interested in trying it at home to really put to the tea to test at my own makeshift bar.

Owls Brew Set for cocktails

I ended up mixing the Coco-Lada flavor with a spiced rum over ice. Although, I know I would have preferred this particular cocktail, hot. The two occasions that I tired previously, it was served cold but it really gave a sense of comfort, appropriate for a cold day. I felt this particular tea was the thickest in consistency and more than likely why I would have liked it served hot. It blends exceptionally well with rum but it can also be served with Champagne or wine.

Now the Pink and Black flavor was one that I would have indulged in on it’s own. Upon opening the bottle, I couldn’t resist the engaging aroma it carried that would be perfect over ice. This particular tea could also be served with Vodka or Gin. A combination, I feel would fit right in with this two part brew… one part booze mix.

The whiskey I used smelled over powering at first but the perfect combination that Owls Brew suggested made sure that the flavors were just right. Besides, you could always add more booze if you’re really about to party.

Owls Brew Set

The Classic flavor ended up being my least favorite. This was due to the fact that it was very true to it’s name. It really did taste like a classic cup of tea and I wasn’t very fond of how it mixed with vodka. Perhaps some of the other suggested mixes would be have been a better fit. Nonetheless, you can now try it out at home for yourself!

We’re hosting a giveaway on Instagram where you can win a set of your own! Follow the rules posted and bring Owls Brew to your bar this month.

Toloache Tacos

Thanks to NYC Restaurant Week, I had the chance to dine at Toloache, which specializes in Mexican food. I was beyond disappointed about the wait to get a table, but even more excited as to why everyone was trying to get a table at this establishment.

Tolache hosts diners downstairs, as well as, on the second level which wasn’t as loud or as packed. Cocktails are always the right way to start an evening and having dinner at Toloache would be no different. I ordered a Strawberry and Watermelon Cocktail. It blew my socks off! Perfectly blended cocktails is obviously something Tolache specializes in.

Toloache Cocktail

You know the saying “When in Rome”.  I ordered the Tacos, admittedly having high expectations. The tacos came out on a tortilla with the right amount of kick, although it lacked other flavors to really “wow” the table.

Toloache Tacos

The true prize of the evening was the entree. Toloache outdid themselves with the Entrana which was a seven chile rubbed skirt steak served with a Brussel Sprout-queso Fresco Salad. By far the best brussel sprouts I have ever had, tasted like bacon. I believe they even out did the skirt steak. I would go back just for this dish which left me talking about Toloache for days to follow.

Toloache Entrana

To end the night, I went out of my comfort zone and tried to the Tres Leche. I felt it was a little too moist for my liking. I know Tres Leche can be a hit or miss dish so I was completely open to how this could have played out. Personally not a fan but the decorative sauce was a winner I wished I could have had with chocolate.

Toloache Tres leches