Empanada Mama Guacamole

If you haven’t been to Empanada Mama, you’ve truly been chilling under a rock.  What most people don’t know is that their downtown location was closed and relocated into a bigger location on Allen street. Recently, the west side location burned down and a lot of Empanada Mama regulars were heart broken.

Although, we’ll miss stumbling in after parties on our way home, I hope that many will begin to call the new location home. After all, the place is huge and still gives you the same great tasting food we all come to love.

Empanada Mama is open 24 hours a day and normally has Happy Hour until 4am. So how could you not have this spot on your radar at all times?

The new location has a main entrance and communal like seating area. Beyond the wall that divides them is your traditional seating area. There is also a bar. Something the other locations lacked. And when margarita happy hour is happening, you get one.

Empanada Mama Margarita

The real gem at the new place is that they now have a back room for private parties. Can you say next birthday at Empanada Mama?

I was hungry just thinking about it. So I grabbed some of their Guacamole and Chips before I dug into some of my favorites.

Empanada Mama Guacamole

The Guac comes in all levels of heat with an endless amount of chips that never gets too low.  Too hot for you? Well more than likely it is probably still Happy Hour, so go ahead and order #AnotherOne.

What sets Empanada Mama apart for making these bad boys at home, are the fillings. They have everything from Cheeseburger, to the Brazil, to Tuna Jalepeno. It can’t get more creative than that. And for a place that has something for everyone, they are in a position to win.

If you are not a fan of Empanadas, there is also full entree’s, desserts and more. However, if you want to take my advice, go with the Shredded Chicken!

Empanada Mama Basket