Cafe Beignets

There’s a whole ton of hype around who has the best beignets in New Orleans and I’m here to set the record straight that it’s Cafe Beignet. Not only did I also visit Cafe Du Monde to help prove this theory, but I went back to Cafe Beignet twice to make sure my tastebuds weren’t trying to trick me.

My first visit was a great day for music and desserts. It was real exciting to see that Cafe Beignet has a live band on most days and a reasonable line to order from.

They also have a full bar serving one of my favorite drinks, the Milk Punch. I’m still not sure if this Milk Punch is better than where I order it from in NYC but it was definitely one of the better cocktails I’ve experience in life. Yes, in life. The Milk Punch was perfectly blended and just delightful. It was certainly needed to help wash down the basket of beignets ordered.

Cafe Beignets

Beignets, for comparisons sake, are similar to zeppoles considering they’re a doughy fritter covered in powdered sugar. The beignets at Cafe Beignet were served fresh so they were warm, easy to sink your teeth into and could get messy if you let it. I think the secret is in the softness because once it’s hard, it’s less enjoyable and that’s why they give Cafe Du Monde a run for their money. It’s a NOLA must now.

Casandra Rosario at Cafe Beignets


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