I stumbled upon Jones restaurant due to an unwarranted case of hunger with a group of friends looking for their next bite. I later came to find out that it’s considered a local favorite and it’s now on my must revisit list.

You definitely get that family favorite vibe when you walk in.  It’s somewhere you can bring the kids or friends and family visiting from out of town.

I grabbed the nearest booth and took a peek at the menu. Being that I have a standing love affair with loaded nachos, the Jones Chicken Nachos quickly grabbed my attention. It taste just like how you expect chicken nachos to taste, but better! Each ingredient uniquely making itself known on your palate. It had the right amount of cheese, chicken, peppers and nachos. If I recall correctly, we were on the verge of ordering another!


To pair perfectly with my absolutely delicious tasting nachos, I decided on another Philly favorite.  A boozy milkshake! Jones takes a whole ton of pride in their liquored up shakes and after having one, I found out why.

I ordered the Creamsicle, a childhood favorite flavor of mine, and was utterly blown away by the first sip. (Insert flashback here…) The year is 1998 and a pig tail wearing, high spirited younger version of myself is standing in front of the ice cream truck ordering creamsicle flavored ice cream. Wow! I never anticipated a restaurant invoking such a memory like that from the flavor of shake. However, by pairing that wonderful flavor with alcohol, made the experience that much better.

Jones Creamsicle boozy milkshake

So be sure to put Jones on your to eat list for your next trip on the road.