The last thing I thought during my trip to Connecticut, was that I would find some finger licking BBQ for lunch. I had just wrapped up my interview at Access Tv and Brandon Frame said he knew a great spot. We walked through the rain, passed a few restaurants, and entered Bears. I immediately noticed that the place had plenty of seating and learned that they’re normally packed at all hours. It was still somewhat early but I could sense the real lunch rush was coming and I should make some decisions.


The menu at Bears is on the wall but the food is also right in front of you to pick out and eat with your eyes. I opted for a combo which consisted of two meats and two sides. I couldn’t resist the burnt ends which are said to be a delicacy in the bbq world. They looked too amazing to say no to and were worth every bite. Bears also provides four kinds of BBQ sauces that you can grab at your table, have it served on the side or all over your meats. The fountain drinks are also self serve here but they aren”t your standard fountain drinks; let’s just say they like to stay within the theme.

Burnt Ends

Turkey upclose

I also tried the turkey breast which was so beautifully cut. Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t find the turkey to be boring. The sauces at Bears are all over the place, from the sriracha to their grizzly sauce, so there were plenty of ways to spice things up if needed. The best part of this meal was that I was able to take some home to snack on later. Though I couldn’t save my fries, I was able to save plenty of the macaroni and cheese, which I couldn’t wait to sit with at home.

Mac and cheese

Bears really seemed to be the local favorite BBQ spot and when I’m back in the area, it just might be mine.